Welcome Doll Face

My Name is Madam M and i am a beautyholic. If it smells delicious, looks delightful and feels delectable chances are its in my bathroom. Im a sucker for anything that is styles pink, spotted, has stripes or just oozes class and everything in between.

I am a beauty therapist and Counter “boss lady” from Melbourne, Australia and have been working in the beauty industry for over 5 years. Yes i have many a tale and story! believe me! I’ve seriously seen and heard it all! I have a job that enables me to see, touch and feel (or know its coming) anything and everything new and limited edition before i hits the shelves which couldnt be any better in my world!

I spend most of my free time and lunch breaks patrolling the cosmetic halls, counter and shops & reading countless magazine and beauty blogs looking for that beauty fix.

If you would like me to review anything you have seen or heard about or have any questions about anything and everything please just drop me a line at thebeautydispensary@hotmail.com or follow me on twitter @thebdispensary , or join me on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-beauty-dispensary/109100872502430

Have a fabulous day

Madam M