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I am an absolute fiend for hand cream…..not only can the smell of them transport you to a tropical island, a casual walk through a fragrant garden or  take you back to a special time or event in your life. My absolute favourite at the moment, well for this week anyways is the delicious hand cream with SPF10 50ml from EVE LOM.

For those of you who perhaps havent heard of Eve lom,  she  is one of the most respected and sought-after beauty professionals alive today. Born in Czechoslovakia, Eve met the renowned skin specialist Georgette Klinger in Hollywood in the early 1980s and began her career as a facialist. It was here that she acquired a devoted following for her now legendary facial.

Eve subsequently relocated to London where she studied anatomy, nutrition and massage techniques. In China she trained in acupuncture. In 1984, the first Eve Lom salon opened in London. Today, Eve Lom skincare products and the signature Eve Lom facial are available in stores and spas around the world.

The Eve Lom skincare range evolved from her cult Cleanser, which Vogue called “probably the best cleanser in the world”. The pared-down regime Eve recommends is based on deep, thorough cleansing and the philosophy that less is more when it comes to effective skincare.


Your hair is glossy, your skin glowing, but what about your hands?

Give them the attention they deserve with the Eve Lom Hand Cream + SPF10. Rich, yet easily absorbing it keeps your hands moisturised and soft, while also protecting against environmental damage. Suitable for everyone and especially recommended for those who work outdoors. 

What does it do? 

Hand Cream SPF + 10 keeps your hands looking supple and line-free. Rich in antioxidants, an SPF of 10, edelweiss extract and shea butter guard against environmental damages and sun exposure. 

Vitamins A and E keep skin young looking while jojoba oil and beeswax seal in moisture. The natural exfoliators salicylic acid and kokum butter smooth and brighten the skin and keep your hands looking soft and supple. 



This is a heavy duty hand cream. Dont be too tempted to slather this baby on as not only will you find your hands cannot seriously absorb the excess product but you just waste this little lovely. I personally prefer to pop this on as soon as i get in to bed and let it work its magic as get my beauty sleep. I only dispense around about the size of  a big fat pea or 5 cent coin. It’s not heavily fragranced but has a sweet flowery and powdery scent. I find it absorbs effectivly without that sticky or gluggy residue. I love the silky texture of this cream and the fact is doesnt stink to high haven or make me feel as if i have dipped my hands into oil. I havent really noticed a change in brightness in my skin or the fact that they look younger but then again i dont (as yet) have any age spots or discoloring on my hands and my little mitts are not exactly what you would call old…. This is is still a fabulous luxurious hand cream, yes its a little on the pricey side but if you love  a little bit of self spoiling this is definately a must have product to get you through the winter months when you need something a little more super charged.  Ahhhh bliss!

you can get your mitts on this product at:

Mecca Myer: $48 (au) http://www.meccacosmetica.com.au 

Eve Lom: $22 (GBP)  www.evelom.com

Beauty Expert $22 (GBP) http://www.beautyexpert.co.uk

This product was purchased for review.