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This is hands down the best facial cloth ive ever come across. It is so soft and spongy and takes mearly seconds to remove all traces of cleanser or mask off my face in the most gentlest of ways. These little babies can last months IF you take care of them. 


This silky-soft cloth is the gentlest way to wash your face. Washable by hand in warm, soapy water or in the delicate cycle of the washing machine.


To remove all traces of cleanser or mask just rehydrated this either in the shower or in your bathroom sink. Then squeeze out excess water then gently wipe your face. If using it to remove a mask just hydrate, squeeze out excess water and gently place on to face and with a firm pressing motion just press into skin to rehydrated the mask to make removing more effective and easier without having to use much force or rub your face. You will be hell surprised to see just how much dirt, makeup and cleanser comes off your face…. its amazing!

I always make sure i let this dry out throughly each day to stop bacteria breeding in it so i generally rinse out all traces of product and hang on my shower to dry out. Once a week i’ll put it through the washing machine for a quick scrub then rinse it in anti bacterial sanitizer (Milton baby bottle sanitizer stuff) then rinse out the sanitizer then hang to dry again. I can generally get these to last at least 3 to 4 months. After about 3 to 4 months they do get a bit manky from day-to-day use so i usually buy a new one just for hygiene sake. Then the old one gets transferred to the cleaning cupboard til it falls apart and gets thrown out.

I seriously cannot recommend these cloths highly enough. Though i must say i did start to use them to remove both cleanser and eye make up but soon stopped with the eye make up as it stained the cloth and actually make it look blah. So i just use swisper cotton pads to take off my eyes first then cleanse and remove with The body Shop Luxury Facial Flannel. So Deliciously soft!

You can get you little mitts on this from:

The Body Shop: $6.95 (AU) All stores in your local area or country or online at http://www.thebodyshop.com.au or website in your country

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