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Ok i have loooooved bourjois products since my early teen and was broken hearted when they stopped distributing to Australia. Then one day while sashaying through priceline…. VOILA!!!!! The little pot of blush practically slapped me in the face. Thank god…. oh how i missed you my little pot of joy!

But thats a story for another time……

Hot off the production line for Bourjois is the new Bourjois Rose Exclusif lipgloss! Now lets not get the champagne and caviar out just yet as this is not a new innovation created by Bourjois themselves. We have seen such products from Clarins with their limited edition (pft meanies) Instant Gloss Magic Color, Smashbox’s O- intuitive lip goss & Jemma Kidd’s Lip ID Color adapt gloss.



Because the pH of your lips is unique, this lipgloss enriched with pH reactive pigments will self-adjust into a bespoke pink to suit your skin tone!

Its non-sticky texture also brings shine and volume to your lips, as well as maximum confort.

And it’s good for your lips:

– Anti-oxidant vitamins E and C

– 8 hours moisture

So, what will be your pink?

This is such a 2 in one product. Not only will it give my lips the sweetest pink\raspberry color its feels like silk and feel quite hydrating to boot. The Brush applicator just fantastic and if like me you can run in heals and apply lipgloss or lipstick in a heartbeat then you’ll just love the brush aplicator. It has a delicious boilled lolly flavour which is not over powering or sickly. Now this gloss goes on clear and will give each one off us our own bespoke pinkness. Its like couture for you lips that wont break your budget! 

I just WISH TO GOD priceline would stop sticking sticky tape on everything! It frustrates me to no end that everytime i buy something from there i have to take it home and unwrap meters and meters of bloody sticky tape off my product and then get the eucalyptus oil and and try and get all the sticky residue off my product so it dosnt get dirt and muck stuck to it and look old and dirty… I like my products to look pristine price line… easy off on the sticky tape!

You can get your mitts on the product from:

Priceline: $22.95 (AU)

Myer: Chadstone Vic & Pitt Street Sydney

Target stores nationally

This product was puchased for review