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My god I could have lived in this bubble. Literally lived forever.


My appointment was for 9:30 am so off to Myer Melbourne I went. Upon arrival at the Natura Bisse counter I was greeted by Jennifer my beauty therapist extraordinaire. Once the formalities of filling out my client information card and skin consultation was done we were on our way to heaven.

The Bubble was up on a secluded area on level 6 so as that not one second of our treatment would be disrupted.

Once I arrived at the bubble I was truly shock at how wonderfully serene it was when I stepped in. It was like walking into the mos pristine rain forest the earth could ever have created I could literally feel my lungs opening and sucking up the 99.995% pure oxygen. I thought the Daintree rainforest had it made but this bubble won hands down.

Once I managed to compose myself I was asked to strip down into my underwear and lay beneath the fluffy towels on my treatment bed.

Seriously I don’t think I’ve undress quicker in my life and was nestled down in my bed with my head spinning thinking of what was to come.

A couple of seconds later Jennifer appeared and begins to work her magic.


The ritual treatment consisted as follows:


Oh so relaxing lip & eye cleaning which as soon and oh so comfortable

Superficial cleanse and deep cleanse, I mad sure not to wear a scrap of makeup to really get the benefits of this.

Next came the Glycol Triple peel, a gel containing 60% alpha and beta acid was applied which was cooling and refreshing.

Jennifer then applied in a pressing method the carbonate powder over the gel

Next came the 3rd portion of the 3-part peel, which was the living water, which contains pure water with ingredient like spirulina seed, which felt thick and smooth.

Once the 3 preparations were activated the most unbelievable warming sensation began. Some might find this to be a little too warm or might experience some tingling or even burning sensation but for me this is pure bliss and confirmation it was doing its job. It was like a wave of heat from my face all the way through my body.

While the peel as bubbling away I was treated to a much deserving hand and arm massage which I could have had done to me all day.

Once the peel was done it was time to move on the energizing massage using the natura bisse Nectar. The massage was so invigorating I could feel each on of my nerve ending coming alive.

Just when I though it couldn’t possible get any better (how wrong I was) Jennifer begins to whip my face into gear using their Myofascial massage technique with the essence.

Then along came the micron zed algae mask to infuse all that is good in the world.

Once the mask had solved all the problems of the world (well in my bubble world that is) it was time to apply the oh so delectable diamond drops to hydrate and soften my skin followed by the diamond eye cream and lastly the Diamond Extreme cream to ice off the cake!


Absolutely the best 90 minutes I’ve had in quite some time.

 Once my treatment had come to an end it was time to go back to the counter and relive the sensorial experience with a skin consultation tailored specially to my needs and concerns.

The Treatment ran for 90 minutes and had a $250 booking fee redeemable on products on the days.

I decided to redeem my booking for on their Oxygen Complex ($300), which will be reviewed shortly.

Natura Bisse Says:

Natura Bisse invites you to be one of he first in Australia to experience the NATURA BISSE – Bubble – 02, In Australia.

Direct from Hollywood and the Oscars to Melbourne Australia… The same beauty ritual that is being offered to the stars is now available to you for a limited time.

The NATURA BISSE – Bubble O2 encases you I the ambiance of luxury and well being, maximising the effects of your facial.

The inhalation of 99.995% pure air provided a unique experience that offers exceptional rejuvenating effects.


Madam M says:

Now I’ve had some one the best and worst of treatments from some of he best and worst beauty therapists around Australia and hand on my heat this would most definitely be one of the utmost best I’ve ever ever had. The whole experience was amazing and I could absolutely notice the change in my skin immediately. On completion of my treatment my skin felt so toned, de-stressed and most importantly so damn hydrated it had not felt or looked like this in years. I could still feel and see the effect for like a week after. My skin has an almost ethereal glow to it and makeup had never sat better on my skin.


This treatment is the first of its kind to arrive in Melbourne and fortunately Natura Bisse will be holding this more frequently in the months ahead. I swear if you see this is coming I strongly advise you to run not walk to Natura Bisse counter and book in. I know I certainly will be again and again and again…..


You can get your mitts on this treatment at:

Myer: Melbourne – When available 9661 1111

Myer Sydney – When available (02) 9238 9111

David Jones – Melbourne – When available (03) 9643 2222

David Jones – Sydney (02) 9266 5544 

Natura Bisse –  www.naturabisse.es.en 1800 004 507


This treatment was purchased for review.