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Pimples, blackheads and milia oh my……. yes my skin has thrown it all at me.  growing up my teenage years were great skin wise. A pimple here and there, usually popping up at the most inconvenient time but were really nothing to cry about. It wasn’t really until i hit my early 20’s that things started to go a little pear shaped. I wouldn’t say it was full-blown acne worthy a trip to the dermatologist for medication but it certainly caused me some discomfort and heartache. Things have slightly improved since entering my 30’s (very early 30’s thank you) which i mainly put down to hormones. So when I was recommended the Oxygen Complex after my facial i jumped at the chance to get a solution to my main concern.

Natura Bisse Say:

Oxygen is vital to the skin’s energy and vitality. Formulated for all skin types, for both men and women, this exceptional serum helps purify the skin and restores radiance and vitality. Prevents the proliferation of bacteria and gently lightens dark spots, providing an even-toned appearance, radiance and luminosity.


  • Intensive oxygenation.
  • Purifies, decongests and hydrates the skin.
  • Helps maintain the skin’s surface perfectly balanced.
  • Ideal for skin subjected to pollution, for smokers and frequent flyers.
Madam M says:
I must admit I was a little skeptical at first, how can a little serum help me with my congestion. Well talk about a smack in the face. This serum is my answer to clear, smooth and illuminated skin.
I only use this serum at night as i believe it would be way to active for my skin to double dose daily. I find one pump dispenses a generous amount needed to apply to all over my face but I mainly make sure most is placed on my cheeks and my chin and left over product is patted into my forehead.
This serum has a beautiful gel like constancy which is quiet thick and silky. It has a lovely scent which weirdly reminds me of yummy hair conditioner! The first 3 nights I did experience a little tingling on my cheeks but nothing to serious so I persisted. Very occasionally I do feel the tingling sensation back but this dissipates in around 20 seconds which is nothing to be alarmed about.
I had definatley noticed a dramatic change in congestion in my skin. Its now non existent. I havent noticed a change in pigmentation which is minimal but still noticeable when i’m not wearing makeup and is concentrated just on my cheek bones. I have now been using this product since my delicious Natura Bisse facial back in April so its been around mmmmmm 7 weeks now and i have only used about 20% of the bottle which has an airless pump so i can see from the packing how much is left which i love.
I haven’t decided 100% yet if i will repurchase. Yes it worked wonders on my skin, yes i have noticed a dramatic improvement, yes i really like the ease of application and consistency but……. it is really expensive. Its $300 for 30ml which is around to $10 per ml! perhaps I’ll try to find an alternative for less of the price. fingers crossed.
NOTE: Myer & David Jones no longer carry Natura Bisse Products 
You can get your mitts on the product from:

Myer: Melbourne –  9661 1111

Myer Sydney – (02) 9238 9111

David Jones – Melbourne –  (03) 9643 2222

David Jones – Sydney (02) 9266 5544

Natura Bisse –  www.naturabisse.es.en 1800 004 507

This product was purchased for review.