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I cannot believe this wasnt my first post. This is my ultimate weapon in treating blackheads, milia & dry skin patches. This is my go to product for superior exfoliation & keeping my skin looking clear (ish) and oh so baby soft. I tend to go through this quicker than I expected as I have a sneaking suspicion I’m not the only one in my household using this and im not talking about the two 4 legged flatmates.

Aesop say:

Pre-mixed exfoliant for most skin types.

Combines fine river-bed Quartz, to gently slough away tired surface skin, and Lactic Acid, to soften skin and remove impurities

Madam M says:

This is what i call an exfoliant. This is a true granulel type scrub. It has billions and billions of finely ground quartz granules that really have fantastic polishing capabilities. This product is packed full of evening primrose oil for its nourishing benefits, Lactic acid (part of the alpha hydroxy family and derived from milk) to accelerate the sloughing process. & rosemary leaf oil to stimulate blood circulation but also is a great agent in stopping nasty bacteria growing in your products… ewwww. I use this religiously once a week all over my face & neck  but spot treat my chin & cheeks mid-week as it truly helped with congestion, blackheads & milia. Just dispense around a 20 cent piece and apply to face and use small circular motions to buff and polish concentrating on trouble areas. You only need to use light pressure as the exfoliant should do the work for you. I recommend using this in the shower. Now there is only one little con about this product & that is the fragrance. It really isn’t what id call yummy. It has a unique smell. its nothing overly off-putting but it’s not a delicious sensorial experience. I cannot speak highly enough of this product. It has been one of my all time favorite products for sometime now and if Aesop were to discontinue it I would seriously cry and picket their office or go on a hunger strike until it went back into production. if you’re looking for an exfoliant I urge you go run not walk to the nearest counter & pick one up or order it online. You will be truly surprise and wished you had found it earlier. 

You can get your mitts on this product from:

Myer – $50 for 75ml (approx 0.6 cents per ml)

David Jones

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