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There is nothing more that I loath than getting home from work and having to take “my face off”. It’s a chore I know I have to do, I just so can’t be arsed after the 50 million other things that need to be done as soon as I walk in the door all to the musical barking of 2 spoilt pooches chanting “mum were hungry”, “what’s for tea mum”, “can we have tea now mum”……. I’ve been on a hunt to find something that will spark some sort of excitement & wanting so as that I get my butt into the bathroom pronto and not leave it until it’s the last thing I do before  falling into bed and having to decide which hand cream will win the honor tonight. Jurlique’s rose, jasmine, citrus or Eve Lom…. mmmm decisions decisions. 

So along to the rescue comes L’occitane Almond Apple Cleansing Oil. Hallelujah. 

L’occitane say:

The almond offers its firming, nourishing and softening properties through its extracts. The result is improved elasticity, and the smoothing of fine lines. Recognized for its nutritional benefits, the apple tightens pores and smoothes and protects the skin from free-radicals. The Almond Apple skincare range effectively protects the skin against environmental stress as well as the first signs of ageing.

When in contact with water, this cleansing oil transforms into milk. The combination of oil and water instantly eliminates any trace of make-up and impurities, on the surface of the skin as well as at the pore level.
It formula associates the softening and protective properties of almond oil with an oil extract of organic apple from Provence, to preserve the skin’s hydro-lipidic barrier.


Skin is clean, soft, fresh and protected



Madam M says:

I seriously cannot get enough of this cleansing oil. It truly smells so absolutely delicious I practically run into the bathroom to “take my face off”. The fragrance remind me of crisp white apples something along the lines of what I’d imagine that delectable red apple would smell like that the evil queen in snow-white turns poisoned. The almond reminds me of old school wedding cake. Yum cake. Together its a delicious match made in cleansing oil heaven.  

First off all I take off my eye makeup using Garnier clean sensitive 2 in 1 gentle makeup remover (gosh I’d better review this soon as its like the 3rd bottle I’ve used). Then I use 2 pumps of this delectable oil and ever so softly massage in small circular motions all over my face & neck. I do this for about 30 seconds then wet my finger tips and repeat the process until all the product is milky white . Then I wipe off using my body shop  luxury face flannel and am always amazed at what actually comes off onto the flannel! Then follows deep cleansing with my clarisonic but that is a story for another day.

After cleansing my skin is so silky soft and not a hint of tightness or stripping. Bam & the Makeup is gone. Not a trace in site. This cleanses my skin of primer, foundation, powder, day cream, serum, sunscreen, blush & whatever dirt, pollution and scum I may have been exposed to in the big city.  

There is a sad face end to this post though as word on the street (direct from the lovely sales girl’s mouth) is that the whole line of Almond Apple is going to be discontinued towards the end of the year and will no longer be available. So I highly suggest you get to your nearest stockist and grab a bottle, but not before I get in a grab a few to hoard for myself. 

You can get your mitts on this product from:

Myer – $39.95

David Jones

L’occitane online: www.loccitane.com.au 


This product was purchased for review.