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Oh winter how I hate you so. One of my biggest winter hates is STOCKING FEET! Yes you read right… icky, manky, cracky stocking feet. I wear tights or stockings every single day to work. If I was smarter I’d just wear pants but with so many cute patterned tights and stockings to choose from,  plus the fact that last winter I had ONE choice of stockings to wear due to my previous job’s uniform (god I so don’t miss that hideous thing) I am just a little spoilt for choice. The only set back to this is I needed to find a solution to stocking feet and quick.

Soap & Glory Say:

Heel Genius™ is an amazing foot cream marvel with a miraculous moisturising mix.

No mean feet. Feet should be friendly. Soft. Smooth. Even lovely to look at. Massage a generous layer onto clean feet every night (or at least as often as you remember). Slip cotton socks overtop and let it soak in while you sleep.

Better than a pedicure? It renovates rough feet in a single overnight session, doubles as a foot cream, and will give even the roughest of cuticles a run for its money.

Madam M Says:

After my first Soap & Glory purchase I was totally smitten with this brand. Everything speaks to me. The sweet vintageque packaging, the cheeky little descriptions, the oh so cute to display pinkness of the bottles and tubes and the oh my god I wish this was a perfume smells! When I went back to Kit in Myer to see what I should get my mitts on next I couldn’t go past their Heel Genius.

If you need to get your feet back into shape quick smart then you cannot go past heel genius. This is just so easy to use. I just dispense around a 50 cent piece and massage into my feet from ankle to toes concentrating on my heels. Then I pop on a pair little cotton socks and off to bed I go and let this gorgeous cream work its magic over night. When I wake up in the morning my feet are just so damn silky soft you cannot help but touch them. It only took 3 nights and my footsies were back to being all soft and pretty. Well as pretty as feet can get anyways.

This blue\green tinted cream is just so velvety soft and has a balm like consistency with a really refreshing fragrance of menthol & citrus with a hint of  sweet berries. Well my fragrance description was a little all over the place but take my word for it is smells heavenly!

This tube will definitely get me through winter and beyond and as soon as I use up this little beauty I’ll be back to get another an another an another.

You can get your mitts on this product from:

Kit at Myer: www.kitcosmetics.com.au $14.95 125ml

Soap & Glory: www.soapandglory.com

This product was purchased for review