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Oh my poor little mitts. Winter is well & truly here and my hands are certainly showing it. Im constantly using hand sanitiser to keep my hands germ free as I come into contact with loads of money and have a bit of a germ phobia because of this. Im always opening cardboard boxes full of stock and the paper fibers really dry my hands out. Oh and add to that i swear I have a undiagnosed form of OCD and I am constantly cleaning my testers on counter. So I am always on the hunt for a fabulous hand cream to tackle everything my hands can throw at it.  OK so I’m a little bit of a hand cream whore. But I say that in a nice way. I have all of my hand creams lined up in a pretty little row next to my bed and every night its a little surprise as to who gets the honor of going on my hands tonight!

Cake Beauty Says:

nourish those over worked (and under paid) hands with this rich, vitamin packed hand creme.
a rich, luxurious and silky hand creme that absorbs quickly into your skin, leaving your hands feeling soothed and smooth.
Cake girls say that it smells like warm vanilla with just a hint of fresh raspberry … xox

how to enjoy:
thoroughly massage this creamy blend into hands. use regularly for maximum results. baker’s orders. au lait

Madam M Says:

Cake Beauty Milk Made Velveteen Hand Creme would have to be one of my all time favorite hand creams to date. This is an ultra hydrating & super moisturizing hand cream. Its full of delicious ingredients like mango butter and shea butter to create almost a silk glove feeling and Marshmallow to help soothe my sore tired hands. I just love putting this on when I get into bed and when I wake up my hands feel and look almost human again, well that is until I get back to work and the whole cleaning, unpacking, money issues thing begins again. The fragrance of this hand cream is to die for. Its a sweet mix of vanilla with a lacing of fresh raspberries scent. Oh so freaking delicious and the scent actually lasts quite a long time. It has a creamy white consistence but feels light when compared to a balm. Another major point to add about this cream is that I swear it is not in any way greasy or sticky. Even if you were to use 1\2 of the tube you still could not find it greasy. Its just amazing. I tend to only apply about a pea sized amount as I find this is sufficient enough to coat my hands. If you can get your mitts on this hand cream you will seriously fall in love with it as much as I have. Just try and stop smelling your hands. I dare you!

You can get your mitts on this product from:

Cake Beauty $18 USD\$18 CAD www.cakebeauty.com sad face though, they do not ship to Australia.

PM Studio $25 AUD www.pmstudio.com.au 

Sense on line: $40 www.senseonline.com.au

Essential Day Spa: $15.81 AUS   www.essentialdayspa.com 

This product was purchased for review.