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I could not sleep a wink last night. For once I wasn’t stressing about work or the fact that my bathroom is in desperate need of a scrub from top to bottom. Or  that I am trying to plan a holiday and my passport has expired! What was keeping me awake was I was so freaking excited as I knew tomorrow I was treating myself to a full on pamper package at Clay Skin & Body Salon Spa and I could hardly wait………

About Clay Skin & Body Salon Spa

Clay was established by Kate Brown & Paula Fletcher. Both have a passion & love for natural therapies, skin care & and beauty & each have over 11 years experience practicing, managing & teaching in the field. Kate & Paula are both proud & excited to use their years of experience to offer you high quality, effective, natural & genuine treatments. All of this individual attention delivered in harmonious & blissful surroundings.

Clay is situated in the cute seaside town of Williamstown in Victoria and is housed in a cute as old style cottage.
I arrived about 15 minutes early to my appointment as although it was sunny here I really didn’t want to stand out the front like a strange stalker woman so I decided I’d best go in and soak up the vibe. Once I walked in the door I knew I was going to throughly enjoy this experience. I am so totally over the whole Balinese\indo styled spa’s. Its been done to death. But to my liking Clay has a warm and earthy feel to it that is not in any way pretentious and unwelcoming. Its filled with warm rich browns and clean light creams with flecks of orange and green. Totally unassuming and inviting. All of your worldly stresses seem to dissipate as soon as you walk in the door and down the long hallway to the reception area.

The package that I chose:

Organic Indulgence package. This comprises of a 1 hour massage and a 1 hour facial because I am a spoilt brat a sparkling eyes treatment was added to my package complementary. I was really looking for something to treat my sore shoulders and neck but was torn as I really wanted a facial also as it had been a few months (eeep) since my last one. So this package killed two birds with one stone.

Upon entering the reception area I was greeted as luck would have it by Kate, part owner of Clay. Instead of the usual welcome, here fill out this form I was happy to be told that Clay has become a paperless environment and Kate proceeded to type all of my details into their database. Once this was completed my delightful therapist Shireen came out from my treatment room to collect me.

(my photo’s clearly do not do this room justice)

I was taken to my room and once I walked in I was floored. My room was so deliciously warm and lit ever so softly. I was lucky enough to have the double treatment room consisting of two treatments beds with all the bells & whistles. Shireen had a foot bath already prepared for me and politely asked me to drop all my belongings and slip my shoes off and sit down and relax. I think I had my shoes off before she had even finished her sentence.

While I was wallowing in the warm foot bath Shireen proceeded to ask me some question about my massage preference, skin type, concerns and products used in my routine.  This all felt so natural and it was if we began to chat as friends which was fantastic usually I hate the whole consultation thing. Then a quick exfoliation of my tootsies and it was time to begin my massage.

I wont bore you with every single movement or technique used but I will say this therapist knows her stuff. focusing on my main concerns as asked like my shoulders and neck she rhythmically massage every inch of my body. No soon can you say AHHHH I was dribbling with sheer delight. One major touch that I was truly appreciated was the treatment bed was heated. Yes it had a heat blanket underneath which I found totally delicious. There is nothing worse that getting all naked and after laying for a small period of time I tend to get a bit cold and no amount of towels can combat this. This just added to the thoughtfulness of Clay.

Once my massage came to and end it was time to move on to the facial. I had already expressed that my main concerns we congestion and the fact that I had an oily skin type. Shireen used all products by Uspa, which would address all my concerns and treat me to a sensorial experience of Australian indigenous & organic ingredients . My facial consisted of a double cleanse, exfoliation followed by a gentle peel, Steam & an absolute full skin analysis (which is pretty rare these days), then followed by extractions. I love extractions. It a fabulous opportunity to clear a load of blackheads my skin had been farming. We both has a chuckle to ourselves as we both love doing extractions. Yeah we are sick little sadists us therapists. Then followed a relaxing massage and face mask. But like all good things it had to come to an end and eye cream, serum & moisturizer were applied and it was time to jump up and face the world again.

Once I got dressed and tried to come down from cloud  Shireen had prepare a mini makeup over for me using Inika Mineral make up and we continue to chat about make up, salon lines we had worked with and previous jobs. She is a total doll.

Once I was all made up it was time for some product recommendations which I was totally interested in her thoughts and she suggested the nourishing cleansing milk, the bamboo polish exfoliator, moist control cream and the oily skin rescue serum. And was lovely enough to let me know which Inika foundation she had color matched for me. We also chatted about some further treatments I should consider which I was happy to hear about.

Post treatment

My skin is GLOWING. It feel so smooth and extremely hydrated. My body feels light and rejuvenated and I know I will sleep like a new born baby tonight.

But dont take my word for it. Book in at  Clay Skin & Body Salon Spa for yourself. if you too need a rebalance and total rejuvenation then this is the place you will find it. I’d love to hear about your experience at Clay.

You can get your mitts on this treatment at:

Clay Skin & Body Spa Salon: $199 for the Organic Indulgence package.

Clay Skin & Body Spa Salon is located at : 97 Douglas Parade, Williamstown.

Phone: 03 9399 8339

See website for hours and days of operation.



This treatment was purchased for review & I received a 20% discount on my service.