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Ahhhh Snow fairy… How i Love thee cute little bottle of Pinkness you. I count down to my calender every year waiting for November to come around so I can run to the lush store at Melbourne Central to snap you and your little friends up to get me through the year! My stock of late has become a little low, I only have 2 1\2 x 250g bottles left from my Christmas 2010 haul and was getting a little panicy that perhaps I didn’t have enough to get me through until November. Thankfully Lush Australia was hosting a “Christmas in July” over the 30th & 31 of July in-store and online promotion and I was able to stock up again. Phew saved in the nick (get it Nick as in St Nick, Christmas… I’ve had too much coffee) of time!

Lush Say:

Funny how these things happen. Snow Fairy came to visit one Christmas with her pink sparkles and candy flossy sweetness and we fell so in love that we brought her back every year thereafter. A favourite with girls (as predicted) and grown men (which we didn’t) Snow Fairy is back and this year she’s brought friends. Sparkly, candy floss pink, sweet-as-sugar shower gel for fruity, fluffy fairies. Only visiting for Christmas ! Lather all over your body ( and your hair when you’re in a hurry)

Above will give you a very good idea as to my Snow fairy booty I will have post christmas I kid you not! Its an illness I tell you!

Madam M Says:

I heart Snow fairy. I love the smell, the feel, the look, the everything. I’ve used this baby for just about every single dilemma life has thrown at me. Cant wake up in the morning… use SNOW FAIRY. Crap ran out of dishwashing liquid…. use SNOW FAIRY. Dog blankets are a bit smelly… use SNOW FAIRY. Dogs are a bit smelly… use SNOW FAIRY. See there are 101 uses for Snow Fairy. But in saying that the best way to use Snow Fairy is to jump in the shower, place a small amount on a “puffy” and lather yourself in the love that is Snow Fairy. It fills your bathroom with the delicious aromas of fruity, lollies, bubblegum & fairy floss!. Oh and did I mention it has sparkles, yes sparkles. This also has staying power and the fragrance lingers on your skin for a while to which is just lovely. Its just so sweet and delicious once you try it you too will be counting down until November hits and then will be storing little pink bottles of deliciousness and treating them like the treasures they are. I dare you to go to Lush and NOT come out with a little Snow Fairy for yourself. Dare you!

If you cannot get any Snow Fairy in your life before November then you can always ask Lush’s The Godmother Soap to get you through.

You can get your mitts on this product from:

Lush Australia: $16.95 250g (sold out) & $28.50 500g (sold out) www.lush.com.au

Lush Australia concept stores in Australia

Please note: Snow Fairy will not be available in shop until November if you cannot locate any products left in a store near you.

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