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OK so before I go to work there are loads of things that must be done before I get the pleasure of apply Too faced Naked Eye Palette to my eyes to complete my “work face”. First there is breakfast to be served to Mademoiselle Lotus & Mademoiselle Lily. Stand there for 5 minutes and try to remember if I put Mademoiselle Lotus’ Florinef tablets in with her crunchies (She has Addison’s disease the poor little poppette). Then shower, then decide what to wear depending on the weather, which translates to is the heating going to bloody work at work today or not, meaning do I wear just 1 singlet and a top or singlet, t-shirt and top! Then feed Greta & Betty the chickens then put my face on…. phew… I really really need to be more organised in the morning or stop hitting the snooze button multiple times. Probably the latter would be the best solution!

Too Faced Say:

Looking like you rolled out of bed flawless and fabulous is a celebrity secret and one that careers have been built on! Now, you too can look like you were born perfect with our gorgeous collection of naturally nude shadows that will have you looking super neutral yet drop-dead-gorgeous for any occasion. Shhh! Nobody needs to know you didn?t wake up that way.

  • In The Buff – Matte white
  • Birthday Suit – Shimmery golden brown
  • Pink Cheeks – Shimmery pale pink
  • Pillow Talk – Light taupe with shimmer
  • Satin Sheets – Pink/gold duochrome
  • Lap Dance – Shimmery taupe brown
  • Like A Virgin – Matte taupe
  • Unmentionables – Metallic grey
  • Stiletto – Matte black.

Madam M says:

This palette is my go to for my current “work face” and would have to be one of the creamiest and softest eye shadows I have ever used.  You know what….. im going to use the words of Emily from Emily’s Anthology and say they are buttery!…. Buttery … Buttery… BUTTERY! I love it when she uses this word as I totally now know what she means. Go see Emily’s site and you too will be envious of her makeup skills! Quickly please. Back to this palette…. These shadows always go on so effortlessly and blend remarkable well too.  I find that the fallout is usually kept to a minimum too. I tend to gravitate towards a base of Pink Cheeks then apply Pillow Talk to my lower lid and follow-up with Like A Virgin along the orbital bone to create a ‘V’ shape then a little stiletto along my lash line. Or if I am running really late (which is usually 3 out of 5 day!) I just swipe Pink cheeks on and a little Like A Virgin with stiletto smudge into the lash line and I’m out the door. I’d have to say I really love Like A Virgin the most out of all of these colors.

Now the main reason I purchased this palette was surprise… the packaging. It’s just so cute and girly. I love how when you peel back the lid it’s all most like a your peeking into a box of precious treasures. Also located in the front is a little secret draw that contains a duel ended applicator\liner brush. Which I used once but wasn’t really that fussed with so i haven’t used it again. And located in the lid of the box are 3 cards that give you a step by step tutorial on to how to us these colors to create the looks below:

Day Look: Using In the Buff, Pillow Talk & Like A VIrgin.

Classic: Using Birthday Suit, Satin Sheets & Unmentionable

Fashion: Using Pink Cheeks, Lap Dance & Stiletto.

The only con I have is that if you’re a little messy like Moi, the shadow can get all over the cardboard casing and it can end up looking a little manky so I usually use a cotton tip with a dab of eye makeup remover and clean it up a little.

If you are looking for a lovely natural but hey I made an effort looking eye shadow palette then you would be hard pressed to find something more suitable.

You can get your mitts on this product from:

Too Faced: $36.00 US www.toofaced.com sad face again as they only ship within the USA! 

Kit Cosmetics: $59.95 AUD www.kitcosmetics.com.au

Essential Day Spa: $34.59 AUD www.essentialdayspa.com

This product was purchased for review.