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OK so we are coming to the tail end of winter. The gods above have given us a few nice days in a row and if you like me are now thinking “arg my skin feels dry and parched”. Whipped into a frenzy of scrubbing, exfoliating & lavishing extra nourshing moisturizer all over due to a few slithers of sunlight around. You have covered your body in copious amounts of body scrubs & lotions, scrubbed your face to an inch of its life to reveal that soft dewy skin and layered tubes and tubes of foot creams & popped little cotton socks on to sleep in to try and get your tootsies looking somewhat presentable to take out in public but what have you done for the most seductive part of your body. Your lips?

Well I have the answer for your all doled up in a cute as a button hot pink box!

Sara Happ say:

card-carrying beauty junkie and magazine addict, Sara Happ has loved all things beauty, bath and body for as long as she can remember.“I brought my curling iron and blowdryer with me to Girl Scout camp. We slept in tents,” she explains.
But in 2005, Sara realized that there was a hole in the market. “I kept reading: exfoliate lips with a wet washcloth or baby toothbrush. I thought there had to be a better way. So I went to my kitchen and made it myself.”
A cult product was born the moment the lip scrub by sara happ® hit shelves in Los Angeles in December of that year.
What began in Sara’s kitchen is now a phenomenon from Tokyo to Copenhagen. Today she is expanding her line into an eclectic collection of staples made to solve universal beauty dilemmas. She is simply doing what she does best: creating products she herself can’t live without.

A clean, fresh grapefruit with the sweetest hints of sugar. The perfect balance for tart citrus notes. Crisp, tangy, sweetly energizing. Packaged in Sara Happ’s signature box – this time a deeply iridescent pink-orange…sparkling. Indeed. Limited Edition.

Madam M says:

There should seriously be a health warning on this hot pink box. Something along the lines of “caution this product is highly addictive” or “caution please eat a full meal before using or you will eat the whole pot” or “caution please make a appointment with your dentist as this is super sweet”!

Ive been trying to use this product at least 2 to 3 times a week. I find seeing as though i’m a bit of a red lipstick queen I really need my lips to be in tip top condition so as that my lipstick application goes on smoothly and looks perfect rather than all cakey, flaky and dry.

I tend to just scoop out about the amount of a 5 cent piece as really your only treating a small area and too much can just be wasteful and goes everywhere.

I just apply to my lips as though i’m puttng lashings of lip balm on then gently rub in small circular motions until the sugar in the scrub melts and my lips look and feel oh so super soft. And the flavor is truly as if you have just bitten in to a juicy segment of super sweet and tart pink grapefruit. Not pseudo-citrus flavor here.

You can either just wipe of excess with a flannel or rinse your mouth with water.

After this your lips feel all tingly and plump and feel so god damn soft you wont be able to dreams of how you ever lived without this!

I follow up with the most delectable lip balm the world has ever seen but you’ll just have to wait for that a little while longer. Like a first date, you cant reveals all of your tricks in one go!

You can get your mitts on this product from:

Sara Happ:  ***unfortunately is sold out of this limited edition product but you should so check out the other delicious flavors! Next on my hit list I think will be Almond Cream!** www.sarahapp.com

Adore Beauty: $29.95 AUD 30g www.adorebeauty.com.au 

Addicted to lip balm: $31.95 30g www.addicted2lipbalm.com.au

The Facial Company: $31.46 AUD 30g www.facialcompany.com.au

This product was purchased for review.