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Ever left the house thinking “yeah my make up looks kind of half decent today” and continue your morning with a little bounce in your step? Only to catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror a few hours later and see its complete mayhem on your lids? Their is either nothing there or anything that resembled what you remember putting on that morning? Or god forbid someone post pictures of you on Facebook after a huge night on the town and you look more like a screaming banshee than the sultry glamourpuss you thought you looked like? If you answered yes to any of these questions then lady get your credit card out and get ready to buy you’re new best friend.

Kat Von D Says:

What exactly is the High Voltage Eye Primer:
This eye product is what sets the stage for a wonderful and beautiful looking colorful eye. The high voltage eye primer is lightweight, non-greasy, smooth textured and non-sticky.

What it does:
It is applied to the eyelid preventing eye-shadow from moving or folding. Its Micro-condensed tones float over the eyelid area, blurring fine lines.

You will find the High Voltage eye primer to be stylish and yet practical. One tube should last you quite a long time. The primer is rather thick and a little bit will go a long way. Once you get to the bottom of your primer if you remove the clear lip you can use every bit of the primer to the container is completely empty. Most primers lose consistency or become bad before you are able to finish the bottle. But Kat’s primer stays the same throughout. The thickness of this primer allows application of your eye shadow to be unmovable and last for hours, even in extreme weather.

Madam M says:

This is my saviour in my fight against oily eyelids. Before I discovered the delights of eye shadow primers I would have to do the whole foundation & powder duo to try to combat this only to discover when I got home my eye shadow resembled something that looked like a hot mess. Shadow faded completely, lost its intensity or just all melted together looking like I had just applied a big swipe of dirt to my eyelids. C’est tres trashy!

Then while looking for a solution I came across this little beauty. I’ve now been using this eye primer for around 3 months & it is absolutely the best eye primer I have come across to date.

Application is oh so easy as I just pretty much dab a tiny dot of primer on my lids and use a big flat concealer brush to almost pat it into my entire lid area. I never brush or wipe this across my lids as the skin it just too delicate.  This prime is a tad on the thick side which I thing is fabulous and I swear you only need a tiny little bit to get fantastic coverage.

I’ve never experienced creasing or fading with eye shadows or loss of intensity. Its non drying on my lids and blending shadows are a breeze.  But I have learnt to let it dry before I put on any shadow as it hard to apply if it’s still a little wet. Drying times is quite quick though. This is one primer that serious will take anything you throw at it in its stride.

The only problem I have with is product is that it can get a little grubby. The lid or top of the applicator has a matte/rubberized texture which grime seems to be attracted to and sticks to but a quick wipe off with a tissue and its all sparkly new again.

You can get your mitts on this product from:

All Cosmetics Warehouse: $7.99 USD 0.12ml www.allcosmeticswarehouse.com

Sephora: $15 USD 0.12 ml www.sephora.com unfortunately sephora still do not ship to Australia

Amazon: $15 USD 0.12ml www.amazon.com

This product was purchased for review.