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A while back I dropped a subtle hint in my review about Sara Happ’s Limited Edition Sparkling Pink Grapefruit Lip Scrub about the most delectable lip balm ever created. I thought it was about time I let you in on my little secret.


What Sara Happ say:

A balm like no other, The Lip Slip leaves no color, just the richest, glossiest hydration imaginable. Wear it all day. Wear it overnight. Results are immediate. We’d have it no other way.

Infused with Sweet Almond, Jojoba and Macadamia nut oils, with a polymer blend that took 2 years to perfect, we’ve acheived a texture and wear unlike anything you’ve seen.

After exfoliating with The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ, smooth a small amount of this luxe balm onto lips. Wear alone for universally appealing shine that brings out your lips’ natural color, wear over color for shine like you wouldn’t believe, put it on before bedtime and wake up to a plump, baby smooth pout. Let the hydration begin.

The supple feel of a shimmery gold YSL calfskin bag. A bottle of Coco Chanel Mademoiselle. Your favorite camisole; soft, sweet, nude, girly and grand. The world doesn’t need another lip balm. It needs the right one. Slip into this.

Madam M Says:

The Lip Slip – One Luxe Balm is THE lip balm to rule them all!

Ever dreamed of owning the most decadent lip balm that throughly hydrates your lips as well as feeling ever so soft and delicious? Well my pretties the wait is over.

This little pot of pure joy has all the ingredients you would expect from a luxe lip balm including sweet almond, jojoba & macadamia oils. The consistancy is just like pure liquid gold. It melts ever so quickly into your lips and feels absolutely dreamy. It has the slightest sprinkling of shimmer that just captures the light to give you a soft shimmery look. The flavour is just to die for reminding me of the sweetest musk lollies you loved as a child.

I love nothing better than to put this on as my night time treatment. Upon waking up in the morning my lips are super duper soft. Seeing as though i wear a lot of red lipstick i find some with the more matte formulations not only require a really smooth base to be able to glide the colour on your lips but you also need to have your lips in tip top condition to begin with so as that your lipstick looks flawless. The Lip Slip takes all of this in its stride and out performs any lip primer or balm i have ever tried.

This is also the balm to pop on to your lips after using any of Sara Happ’s lip scrubs as its  just the icing on the cake to treat your newly smooth and exfoliated lips. Pure bliss.

For those of you who don’t like to use lip products that come in pots or tubs then you’ll be happy to know that come february 2012 Sara Happ is releasing The Lip Slip: One Luxe Gloss which comes in a tube. Let the count down begin!

You can get your mitts on this product from:

Adore Beauty: www.adorebeauty.com.au 15g $34.95

Beauty Bay: www.beautybay.com 15g $24.20

Addicted to Lip Balm: www.addicted2lipbalm.com.au 15g $30.95

The Facial Company: www.thefacialcompany.com.au 15g $29.71

This product was purchased for review