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I am seriously kicking myself for not stocking up on more Banila Co products! Banila Co is a Korean beauty brand which launched in 2005 but i managed to stumble upon them in Harajuku Japan. As far as i can understand as my knowledge of Korean is non existent is that the store in Harajuku is the first store outside of Korea. What a find! I only had a really quick zip through the store as the BF was waiting impatiently outside as we were on our way to check out the sites of Yoyogi Park. Ive also noticed that Banila Co is most known as being the Korean alternative to Benefit Cosmetics which i can see in regards to cutesy packaging but i wouldnt go as far as to say its a blatant ripoff. Suspicious yes, blatant no. Well you can be the judge of that yourself.

What Banila Co say

The oil-free type of crisp without greasy hand cream is absorbed.
To lubricate the skin slightly munjireudeut transformed into droplets absorbmoisture, and trehalose and the ceramide composition of water supply is healthy and promotes a smooth hand.
Flavor: red currant / White Rose / Sugar Lemon

How to use
– Spread a small amount after washing your hands will absorb Bala.

(***translated used google translator****) 

What Madam M says:

Within the Give me your hand watering hand cream collection there were 3. White Rose, Red Currant & Sugar Lemon. I managed to pick up the sugar lemon.

The consistency of this is extremely different to any of my other hand creams that i have. All of my others are ultra moisturising where as this is ultra hydrating. I think this is better suited as a summer hand cream than a ultra nourishing winter hand cream.

This watering hand cream has a really light smooth texture and is absorbed really really quickly without leaving a sticky residue on my hands.

The sugar lemon frangrance isn’t really as strong as i would have liked. I would have preferred it to have a bit more of a smack in the face lemon scent but it is subtle. There is a faint alcohol smell but it dissipates rather quickly and is not offensive in any way.

I most definitely will be trying my best to get my hands on some more Banila Co products, although it looks as though this could be a little bit of a mission.

I am really interested in perhaps trying some lipsticks, blush and maybe some eyeshadows. Wish me luck!


You can get your mitts on this product from:

Banila Co Japan: www.banilaco.com.jp  890Yen $10.85 AUS

Banila Co Korea: www.banilaco.com 8,000w South Korean Won $6.75 AUD

Gmarket: www.english.gmarket.co.kr 8,000w South Korean Won $7.26 AUD

This product was purchased for review.