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I love me a great body scrub. More so if someone like a skilled therapist is doing it for me but if i cannot get a salon or spa i just have to do it for myself. Boo Hiss.

I have since discovered across the other side of the world a scrub crazy gal who is even more psychotic nuts about body scrubs and exfoliants that i and thats a big call. Her name is the delectable Annabella from Skin Scrubs. Annabella is one of the nicest and sweetest people you will ever get to know. After chatting via email back and forward we decided to send each other a “International Care Package” of goodies from around the world as I was off to Japan on holidays and Annabella was off to the USA , Aruba (hells yeah Aruba) before retuning to the United Kingdom. Once we both returned home and sent each other our treats I was floored by Annabella’s generosity as my package was filled to the brim with products that I am hoarding like a child hordes easter eggs as the are just to precious to use but I couldn’t get into this scrub quick enough.

Be sure to pop over to Annabella’s website and see what delights she has instal for you. Good luck dolls in being able to get off her site in less that an hour! Tip: make a cup of tea first. You’ll need it.

Bath & Body Works say:

Our super charged body scrub helps smooth and refresh skin with a visible foaming action so you can feel it working. Enriched with nourishing Vitamine E, moustrizing Jojoba Oil & soothing Aloe, this invigorating formula helps skin look radiant and feel super smooth.

Madam M says:

The fragrance is super super sweet and fruity. It kind of reminds me of super hard candy. To me its more of a strawberry\raspberry with a  hint of orange or lemon more so than pomegranate. Which if you smell a pomegranate it dosnt really have a strong scent.
The first time i used this i was pretty heavy handed and ended up squeezing way to much product out and i also made the mistake of standing under the shower with the water running over my back. Big mistake as it totally watered the product down and the sugar melted a little too quick for me.

Since then i have learnt that i need to turn off the taps and get scrubbing. This way the sugar stays around a lot longer and i can get really good even coverage over my body to exfoliate all areas.

The consistency is quite thick and grainy and has a fantastic foaming quality also. After using my skin feel so deliciously soft and smooth. The fragrance stay on my skin for hours to come and i can’t help but sniff myself senseless.

Unfortunatley this product is unavailable for purchase on the website but there are loads of other varieties that include sea island cotton, aruba coconut, Rio rum berry & coconut lime breeze just to name a few. um YUM!

Due to me not being able to get my mitts on this particular product again i am now reserving it just for exfoliating my legs.

You can get your mitts on similar product to this from:

Bath & Body Works: www.bathandbodyworks.com $14.00 USD for 269g

This product was received as a gift.