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I am really slow at getting on the the Naruko train but if the Celestial White Moss shower mousse is anything to go by then i think i may have found my new bestie  skin care wise. Ive got a couple of other products that I have introduced from Naruko into my arsenal buy this so far has proved to be the hook that has caught this new fish! Hook, line and sinker, I am seriously loving Naruko.

Naruko say:

Gentle and mild cleansing formula
Made with allantoin, sarcosine, and pentavitin to create an invisible protective barrier on the skin to soothe and moisturize. It works with the active lactobacillus to gently clear away dead skin cells; improving dullness and uneven skin tone. The scent of white moss with the soft foaming texture will make you feel relaxed!

Special packaging to create foam through the pump
Creates soft, dense, and abundant foam

Combined with the gentle ingredient, betaine
Does not contain SLS surfactant and reduces the harm caused to the skin

Unique white moss concentration
A long-lasting refreshing white moss aroma

Deep cleansing and repairing care
Contains active lactobacillus to clear away the dead old skin cells and brightens up skin

Enjoy the professional quality of a spa at home
Deep cleansing, repairing, moisturizing, soothing, gentle and mild.

Best for: All skin types, especially dry/dull skin. 400ml

How to use the shower mousse:
Squeeze out a fair amount of the shower mousse and massage it thoroughly. Then rinse off with water.

(Thank You so much for the product team at Naruko for sending me the information I asked for. They are super nice and super helpful.)

Madam M says:

I think I have found my all time ultimate favourite shower product. I am absolutely in love with this foam of delight. I could seriously bang on about this product for hours and hours and hours if given an audience.

The texture of this foam is just like whipped silk. It glides all over your body with ease and rinses off effortlessly leaving your skin feeling nourished and super soft. I find i use 2 pumps for my torso, one for each arm and 2 for legs & feet. Its probably over kill as a little of this foam goes a long way but I just seriously cannot get enough of the scent on me and filling up my bathroom.

The fragrance…. ah the fragrance. Its has a delicate herbaceous scent with a hint of musk and a light finishing note of moss about it.  I certainly cannot give justice to the description of this fragrance. Just take my word for it. its smells absolutely amazing.

(yes i totally fluffed up the description)

The fragrance certainly has some staying power too. I can smell it on my skin for hours to come. Which to me is ilke being in celestial white moss heaven.

This is definitely a high repurchase on my list. As soon as this looks as though its running out i will be straight on to the net to place another order with Imomoko thats for sure.

You can get your mitts on this product from:

Imomoko: www.imomoko.com – 400ml $19.00 USD

Naurko: www.naurko.us – 400ml $17.00 USD

Naurko: www.naruko.com.tw – 400ml $299 TWD

This product was purchased for review.