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While having coffee with a girlfriend the topic of “so what’s new with you” came up and proceeded to bang on about “the List”.  You see “The List” is well a list I have on my phone that itemises everything i am lust after . She recoiled in horror as I went down the list banging off nail lacquers, lipsticks, body lotions, shower gels etc. Once I took a breathe and looked up, she unfortunately didn’t quiet get as excited as I.

So I thought for something a little different I would share with you what I constantly dream about getting my mitts on. These items pop into my head at the most random of times. Sitting on the train, waiting in line for my morning coffee, waiting in line at the supermarket for the woman in front to stop whinging that the cost of vegetable has gone up (ah hello where have you been under a rock sweetness!) or the good old watching of TV and something pops into my head and snap I’m on my phone or laptop clicking away looking for websites, reviews, photo or online stores.

So here is a list of the top 5 products I seriously need to get my hands on so I can think of better things to dream about other than all the little treasures listed below:


Paul & Joe

Look its Cats, Cat’s with freaking top hats, TOP HATS. The first time I laid eyes on this collection I knew with every bone in my body I had to have a lipstick that looked like a cat that had a freaking top hat on. This collection tickles my funny bone to no end (as you can probably tell). Yes I am really really really late in getting my mitts anything from this collection as its been out for month and it is limited edition so a lipstick that looks like a cat in a freaking top hat is high on my “god damn woman get on to it” list. Oh and I think maybe also the waterproof gel eyeliner too because having 7 different varieties simply doesn’t seem to be enough in this household.


I swear to Maynard James Keenan that I will call my first born Laduree if I get anything from this collection. I can already (seriously) picture everything above being on my vanity dresser. Yep everything. This collection is only (for now hopefully) available in Japan only. I am so upset this was only released lately and not in Sept/Oct in Japan as i could have seriously got the whole lot there and then in stead of wracking my brain night and day trying to figure how to get it all. Other than book flights back to Japan (don’t  laugh because i have already pleaded my case to the BF but to no avail after he found out exactly why I wanted to return so quickly). I desperately want the blush. It looks just so dreamy and utterly delicious & precious. J’ai sérieusement de l’avoir maintenant

Hakuhodo Make Up Brushes

Ok I have been infatuated with these brushes for about 6 months now. Obtaining them is so what of a pipe dream. My current brush set is a little long in the tooth now, they have served me well but has come time to remember all the good moments we shared and move on. Its a case of “its not you, its me” scenario. Yeah that old chestnut. You might think $499.00 USD is a bit much but if you average it out it comes to around $62 per brush. Um yeah in my mind they will be worth every cent. Hakuhodo and I seem to be playing a game of cat and mouse. I have the pocket money to buy, they go out of stock. They come back on the web, I have found something else to buy and the pock money is gone. I swear i will have these makeup brushes before the year is out. Mark my words. They will be mine.

Chanel Nail Polish Pirate

I am not even going to bother counting the amount of red nail polish I have in my collection as it borders on the ridiculousness. But this little beauty I had to leave at the Chanel counter as I already had my heart set on its little lovely cousin Vendetta and unfortunately on the day Vendetta won and poor little pirate was left at the store. But not to worry my cherry coloured sweetness mumma will be in soon. See below as to why this decision was so hard. Yeah thats right Vendetta freaking rocks.

Nexcare Acne Dressings

For those of you who know me you will also be in the know that I am battling the worst case of hormonal (I hope) breakouts at the moment. Its absolutely hideous and I am hoping that my visit to the dermatologist next month will hopefully shed some light or at least give me a solution as to why my skin is punishing me so severely. Whilst fluffing around on blog lovin recently I came across a post from the delightful Tina over at Chasing Elixir who had done a post on her skin blemish saviours the Nexcare acne dressings. Yep thanks to Tina she may have handed me a small yet effective solution to my problem. Unfortunately these are not sold in Australia so I am yet to get off my butt and try to find them online or a reputable ebay seller. Im sure i’ll get on to them soon enough. Or my dermatologist will hand me a magical pill that will clear up my skin over night. Pft wishful thinking much.

So there you go. The little list of wants I currently have swimming around my little head. As to weather they will appear on here as a post is now up to the beauty fairies.