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I am the biggest lip balm bandit. At todays count I currently have 20 on the go. This is not including balms that I have not opened yet or balms that are hiding in selected hand bags and jackets or that i have put into a “safe place” and now cannot find.

This ridiculous amount caters for just about anything and everything. Balms for hydration, medicated balms, balms with a little tint, balms I just purely use because I like the taste, balms purchased due to the cute packaging and the list goes on and on and on.

I stumbled upon this set on the Imomoko web site earlier this year & as fast as lightening they were added to my cart.

Peach – This is my absolutely favourite of the set. I find I favour this one the most as it tastes like real peaches. I think I will retire this one until i finish all of the rest. Saving the best til last.

Strawberry – This is my second favourite. It again has a real strawberry flavour. All most tastes like strawberry sauce. It has quite a strong scent from the stick but dosnt taste sickly sweet. It looks like it has a slight pink tinge to it but goes on translucent. Actually that are all translucent. Strawberry is just delicious.

Lime – Comes next in order of preference. I was actually really surprised by this one as I though it was going to either have a very plastic type taste or it was going to taste absolutely horrible. To my surprise it has quite a fresh and tangy scent & flavour and smells exactly like fresh cut limes. I try and not to use this one too often as it just makes me crave mojito’s strangely enough. mmmmmm mojito.

Mint – Well its pretty hard to get mint wrong really. I love how this one has a really soothing cooling effect on my lips. I find this one to be really comforting on my lips when they are super dry & feel like their on fire.

Vanilla – This is my least favourite but that is no way this products fault. Im just not really that full on into vanilla flavoured or scented products. This one almost has a toasted coconut undertone to it. It really reminds me of the toasted marshmallow jelly belly jelly beans. Great now i want jelly beans!

All 5 of these lips balms are petroleum & parraffin free for all the purists put there and each glides on ever so smoothly. All contain wondrous ingredients like Alpine skullcap flower extract, green tea leaf extract, snow fungus extract, bees wax, chamomile & calendula.

I have never used balms like these that just go on so effortlessly with no pulling on cold days or turn into a melty mess when its warm. There is also no waxy\film left behind from these and they really do have some lasting power. Which at the moment is a god send.

Unfortunately I can not see this set on any of the international Naruko sites. I have managed to track some down on ebay listings but i cannot vouch for the sellers. If you come across these on your travels please grab them. You will not be sorry.