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Ive been sitting on this little bucket of sweetness since christmas. I have only just got around to cracking it open now.

When my part timer at work told me she was off on a trip through europe and asia over the christmas break i was devastated that she wouldn’t be here to help get me through the hectic and some times apocolyptic christmas period in retail.

She is my little partner in crime who i have complete trust and reliance in, i practically burst out crying. When she then told me everywhere she was going something snapped in my head and the only word i could mutter was Sephora.

After a quick check of the countries she was going to be visiting i was dancing with joy. France check, malaysia check, singapore check. So i gave her some pocket money and a list of things i wanted her to check out for me and all was forgiven. Yep i am easily bribed.

The set from the Oh My Cherie collection contains a 200ml cake gourmand sweet cake bubble bath, 150ml cake gourmand sweet cake body lotion, 90g cake gourmand sweet cake candle & a red body sponge ( i called them puffies) all tied up in the sweetest little paint tin covered in silver dots tied off with a red bow handle. So utterly sweet.

Everything in this set screams sweet and sugary. I find all of the products have a strong vanilla cake batter scent with an almost fresh out of the oven baked cookie smell. Yep its a very “sweet bakery” scented range. Love.

Cake gourmand sweet cake bubble bath – I unfortunately don’t have a bath in my house so i have been using this as a body wash. Ah same same but different i guess. You only need a small about to build up a luxurious lather and it has very fine shimmery particles in it that wash away off the body so as that you don’t look like you have just had a glitter fight with an elf. The fragrance lasts a little time on the body but doesn’t have any strong staying power. It just an absolute delight to wash with.

Cake gourmand sweet cake body lotion – For some reason i half expected this to be a lot thicker in consistence that it is. Its not a runny lotion and its not a thick goopy cream. Its actually perfect in consistence for me. This is a really deep hydrating lotion that leaves no sticky or greasy residue, so after application there is no need to do a nudie run around the house until it dries and then you can get dressed. It has a ever so light shimmer to it which honestly doesn’t really show up on your skin.

Cake gourmand sweet cake candle – I like to have this candle next to my bed on my dresser to burn when I’m relaxing or winding down ready for sleepland. I find because its so small the fragrance just gets lost in my loungroom so i save it for my bedroom. The candle smells exactly like the body products, all sweet and cake like.

My set was purchased from Sephora Malaysia and was $79.00 MYR which is around $25.00 AUD.