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While trawling through the plethora of beauty product outlets in japan i kept coming across the Esteny range from Sana in just about every pharmacy, chemist and beauty outlet i went into. Meh whats a girl to do but buy it and see what it all about.

Esteny say:

Perspiration-promoting massage

Helps firm skin with double-scrubbing grilled round sea salt. Hot sensation and squeezing massage gel.
Red pepper extract (hot ingredient) amount increased by 250%.
Ginger and red pepper fragrance.

Madam M says:

I was really excited to get into this and it was one of the first things i opened when i got back from my holiday.

In the first use i was way too heavy handed with it and squeezed out far too much. Now i just squeeze about the amount of a 50 cent blob for my lower legs and the same for my thighs & around the same for my torso and arms. I always start at the lower end of my body and work my way up using circular motions and then long sweeping movement towards the heart to increase blood circulation and help shift unwanted toxins. Because I’m getting low on this i am now only using it as a leg treatment as apposed to a full body exfoliation.

I kind of expected this to feel hot or at least a little warmer but unfortunately i don’t get that sensation. It does have a little warmness to it but not really the “Wow this is warm” feeling. The salt grains in this hold up quite well and stay around long enough for you to get that dead skin off to reveal beautiful silky soft skin.

I do like the fragrance. It has a very sweet scent from the ginger with a little nose tingling punch of red pepper which does linger on your skin for a little while. Luckily though it doesn’t smell like a condiment or sauce you would put on your food!

If you come across it in your travels do grab it and see what you think

You can get your mitts on this product from:

Sasa – www.sasa.com – $12.00 AUD ($12.80 USD)

Yes Stlye – www.yesstyle.com.au – $15.00 AUD

This product was purchased for review.