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I have a confession to make. I have a sick fascination and affinity with the laundry isle in the supermarket. I can honestly (and have) spend hours there sniffing washing powders, fabric softeners and spot treatments. Everything in that isle smells just amazing and now whenever an ad for a new washing powder or cleaning product comes on the TV my boyfriend sighs, rolls his eyes and says ” Oh let me guess, you just HAVE to get that”. And yes i have been threatened with being left at the supermarket numerous times and have a time limit placed on how long i can stay in the isle.  Im yet to be left there but i’d say that his patience is wearing really really thin.

So if we ever meet, please don’t be freaked out if i ask you what wash your clothes in instead of what fragrance are you wearing!

Clean Say:

This limited edition set is the best way to experience CLEAN’s quintessential, soapy scent: Shower Fresh. The set includes a 10mL fragrance rollerball and an indulgent, ultra-whipped body soufflé 177ml in the same fragrance. It’s easy to stay CLEAN!

Madam M says:

Shower Fresh Body Soufflé:

This is one of my all time favourite body lotions and i reach for it probably 3 days out of 7. This is a ultra smooth lotion that just glides on my skin. In have never found this to be heavy or sticky and it absorbs really quickly on my skin to create a silky veil of moisturisation.

The fragrance is to die for. It smells like the most delicious, cleanest soap or body wash you have ever used or you know what feeling you get when you jump in to a freshly washed & made bed and your sheets feel & smell amazing… well this is what i feel and smell like every time i use this. Its great for those crisp cold mornings to lift you out of that hazy haven’t woken up yet world or fabulous in summer for those already hot mornings that you know its going to be a hot & sweaty day. An all year round feel good saviour.

Shower Fresh Rollerball Fragrance:

I like the convenience of this little rollerball fragrance. I can jus pop it into my handbag and whip it out when i need a bit of freshening up and has saved me a couple of times when I’ve been trapped on a train next to someone who obviously doesn’t take personal  hygiene as seriously as i do or that spontaneous after work catchup dinner or drinks. it has well… a really fresh scent and you instantly feel clean and ready to go.

You can get your mitts on this product from:

Kit Cosmetics: www.kitcosmetics.com.au $22.48 AUD

This product was purchased for review.