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Where were these when we got caught up in an Airline industrial action dispute and were stranded at Sydney International airport for over 18 hours, over night mind you when everything thing in Sydney International (and i use the word international very loosely) gets closed down and you get pushed and locked into an area small than my laundry to share 30 seats with at least 150 people and there is nothing to eat except vending machine food and all the shops & food outlets close down and don’t reopen until 6:30am. Oh and did i mention that it also happened to coincide with my boyfriends birthday that we had planned our trip to have already arrived in Japan that day especially for it!

By the time i reached Narita Airpot i look like the biggest, greasiest, red faced, sleep deprived drug smuggler who had a belly full of cocaine. Lets just say if i one day become rich and famous i will forever be worried that my immigration photo will surfaces for all the world to see. But if i had these I’m sure i would have got off the plane looks all fresh and bright.

Kao Nekurizumu say:

Kao Nekurizumu Vapor Relax Hot Eye Mask – Rose

This product is especially designed for tiring eyes. While wearing it, it helps blood circulation and relax your eyes!

Madam M says:

I love to use these as a treat to help relax after a hard or stressful day at work.

I find these fit on my eyes quite well but i would like it if they were a little more shaped to fit the eye area better. I fix this by placing a wheat pack eye mask (unheated) over the top to help weigh these down and keep it a little more snug.

You must apply these eye masks as soon as you open the pack as they begin to warm up quite quickly and you don’t want to waste any of the soothing heat (around 40 degrees/104 fahrenheit). It does say that they are only active for around 10 minutes but I find it to be a little longer which is wonderful. These do warm up but its quite a comfortable warmness not a too hot burning feeling and the rose scent just radiates from this.

The rose fragrance is just divine and the added benefit of chamomile soothes and the ginger helps increase circulation.You cannot smell the chamomile or ginger though, its all about the rose.

I just mask up and lie back on the couch and relax.

I have the rose fragrance but these are also availble in unscented, lavender, chamomile & mint.

You can get your mitt on this product from:

Imomoko: www.imomoko.com $11.99 USD

This product was purchased for review.