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Have you ever read my blog & though “oh i wonder what she reads” or “oh where does she get her inspiration from” or perhaps “what in gods name does she spend her time reading while she is meant to be cleaning up that tip of a spare room” well i though i would do a series of posts to show you what i read, where i get my inspiration from and why i read these blogs.

The first blog in my “i’ll have what she’s having” series is: Skin Scrubs.

Image credit: http://www.skinscrubs.com.uk

Why i love Skin Scrubs:

Annabella is a skin scrubbing beauty who hails from The USA but now lives in The UK. She began her blog with encouragement from her husband James (naw) who regually pops up to give his views (often hilarious) on products and she loves nothing better than a scrub on the harder side and is a lover of all thingsĀ kitsch, vintage, and kawaii and this has often influenced her beauty purchases. Ah a girl after my own heart.

On a more personal note, Annabella is one of the most generous and thoughtful people i have ever had the chance of having in my blogging world. Forever thinking of others, as was evident when she was due to head back to the states, the first thing she does, sends a email to a few select blogging buddies asking for their wish list. What an absolute gem! Big love, big love.

5 of my all time favourite posts from Annabella:

Annabella’s Review – Sara Happ Vanilla Bean Body Scrub 283g – This is the post that convinced me to get onto the Sara Happ bandwagon and make a purchase. I had been eyeing off one of her lip scrubs and knowing that Annabella was impressed with this body scrub gave me that little push to go forth and purchase.

Happy Haus of Gloi Halloween – I think this is where my infatuation with all things Haus of Gloi was created. I have since gotten my mitts on a hand full (cough an obscene amount) of Haus of Gloi pumpkin butters and no thanks to Annabelle and a few other bloggers i too am now a devout cult member follower. Im blaming Annabella thoroughly though.

My HG coffee scrubs – Kit + Sensory Lab & 100% Pure – Now i am wee bit biased on this post as when Annabella mentioned she was lusting after this product as i was more than happy to get one for her and send it off. I was so hoping it would live up to her expectations and she would love it. As luck would have it, she loves it and now these two are firm friend. Ah its such a great feeling to know you have brought a little scrubby joy to someone.

Beauty Shopping American Style – Post like these make me all giddy and feel like there are a million butterflies in my belly. You know how you see in moves those dream sequences where someone rolls around in a bed full of money. Well this is what i envision in my head but instead of a bed full of money, its a bed full of beauty products. This is THE haul of all hauls, The mother load, a cornucopia of delights, yes i could go on and on. If you look closely there are little treats sprinkled through there that made it all the way to my bathroom. Yay.

Annabella’s review – Fresh Sugar Lust Gift Set (exclusive to Sephora) – This is one of the main reasons i hang out for Annabella to post a new review. She is dead set honest. Never one to fluff around. She never fails to be brutally honest. That is why i love her so much. If there is something she dosnt like, she tells you. If it dosnt meet a requirement set by her, she tells you. If its just really not much chop you can rely on Annabella to say so.

So please take a moment to head over to see Annabelle at Skin Srcub. Better yet put the kettle on and make yourself a cup of delicious tea as you like me, will be lost for hours in the world of Annabella (oh and James) & her skin scrubbing adventures.

I hope you enjoyed the first instatement of “i’ll have what she is having”. I plan in bring you more posts to share the little gems from all over the world i have discovered and hope you enjoy them as much as i do.