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Ive been struggling a bit lately with dry skin. Im sure winter is not helping, or that fact i do everything i know that just purely exacerbates it. Too long hot showers, Wearing too many clothes to bed, not drinking near enough water, having the heater on pumping & then practically sitting on top of it & my acne medication certainly doesn’t help either.

Im going through body products at lightening speed and using ultra nourishing facial products. This is all totally worlds away from my previously oily acne prone skin when i would use the lightest formula know to man. Now i have added this face oil to the mix.

Santorini Sun Say:

Restoring your youthful glow the natural way, buy using what nature knows is best. Introducing Nature’s facelift oil from the Australian organic skin care range Santorini Sun, the only product on the market to be made with 100% olive squalane oil in its pure form.

Because squalene is familiar to your body, the Olive squalane extract works with your natural cell production to help smooth & hydrate tired skin. Applying this serum helps reduce signs of ageing such as brown age spots, deep lines & wrinkles as well as protecting against the radiation of the sun & helping promote healing of scars.

Key benefits:

– Ecocertified formula, containing only 100% Olive Squalane oil.

– Reduces the appearance of feel lines & wrinkles.

– Protects against radiation of the sun.

– Firms & tones

– helps scars & age spots.

– Restores a youthful glow.


Madam M Says:

I really love how this comes with a measured pump dispenser. One pump is most definitely enough for a single face application. When i am using this on my body i am a little more generous with the pumps and use around 4 to 5 for my legs and around 2 to 3 for my arms. Yes this may be a little generous but it just feels so soft and veletly that i just slather it on. It never feels grease & my skin just sucks it up. Its wonderful to treat the weird little excessively dry patches that pop up on my body & face.

To be honest i haven’t notice a dramatic change in an increase of elasticity or firmness on my face. I certainly don’t look like I’ve had a facelift but in saying that firmness and loss of elasticity isn’t really my main concern… yet. My acne scaring is somewhat lighter but it has a long way to go before i could feel comfortable leaving the house with bare skin.  I have notice a smoothness and glow which i can definitely contribute to the facelift oil.

I believe this product would be fantastic to add to anyones regime looking for a deep moisturising treatment wether used daily or as deep weekly treatment. It also feels great on the decollate and would benefit anyone that as began to show any signs of sun damage here.

The only drawback i have with product is that it had absolutely no scent or fragrance whatsoever. If your were perhaps a little sensitive or reactive to fragranced products then this would be right up your ally. As for me i really enjoy fragranced products but thats just a personal preference of mine.

You can get your mitts on this product from: santorini sun online www.santorinisun.com or go here to see the stockists listing. $29.95 for 100ml.

This product was provided for consideration.