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Well I’ve made it into month 2 of my acne treatment & i must say so far so good.

If you want to see my beginning post the use click here for some back history.

I have just started box number 2 so its just over 60 tablets down. Im lucky i only have to take 1 tablet a day and my dose is relatively low at 20mg. So in saying that you would think that my symptoms would be pretty light on it. Well they sort of are and are not. Ive been keeping a diary of anything that pops up so here is a little breakdown of all thats been happing and the progress so far:

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Dry lips: Oh my lord, this is a huge side effect. Without being to grouse, every morning i literally wipe off on the back on my hand a whole fully formed lip print. Yep its pretty yuck. I smother lip balm on constantly and am never ever with out it.

I got caught out once when we made a mad dash to the supermarket. By the time we were half way home we had to stop off at a service station so i could run in to grab lip balm. i even reapply lip balm mid meal. Yep pretty ridiculous. They just burn like hell when they have nothing on them.

Im now not really able to wear lipstick as it doesn’t matter how ultra moisturising it may claim to be, I’m yet to find one that i can even have on my lips for more than 5 minutes without it feeling really uncomfortable. Sad face i love lipstick.

Dry facial skin: These tablets certainly pack a punch. My skin stopped producing oil probably within the first 3 or 4 days. I was quiet shocked on how fast acting these tablets are. Im using a really rich night cream morning & night followed but with 2 types of face oils plus packets upon packets of sheet masks. Im also crossing between a facial treatment essence & a toner too. Oh and eye cream. Yep but it just never seems to be enough for long enough.

Its nothing for me to come home from work. Take off my makeup. Do a whole routine of cleanser, toner, oil & moisturiser. Then go back & add a sheet mask and repeat oil & moisturiser again a few hours later. Its pure madness.

Dry body skin: Not really as profound as my face but i still feel really uncomfortable if i have a shower & not put on copious amounts of body lotion. Ive done it once & i swear i will never do it again. I was getting these weird little rashy dry patches that were popping up on my ams but that seems to have subsided.  I have been going through body products at lightening speed. I guess one good thing that will come from this is that i am really getting through my huge stash. Long live body moisturiser!

I have also noticed i cannot use certain types/brands of hand sanitizer. I still do unfortunatly as i work in cosmetic retail & if i have to do a makeup application or a skin care consultation on someone i need to sanitise my hands. Some causes this huge reaction where i get these almost blisters on the back of my hands & it just burns & burns & burns. The rash then takes days to heal & the back of my hands get all bumpy & extra dry. I try not to get the sanitizer on the back of my hands at all cost but i still happens.

Reduction in acne: This didn’t happen as  quickly as i wanted but i guess that’s just the way it goes. The big cystic pimples went down and disappeared relatively quickly. I did get a few little pimples that would pop and & then disappear which was great. I didn’t get that whole “skin purging” phase where your skin gets a lot worse that it was before it starts to improve. I believe my skin was that bad to begin & the worst it had ever ever been that it seriously couldn’t get any worse so the meds just got to work. Yay.

Tiredness: This is quiet a big one. I get really tired really quickly. I have been known all my life a being the worlds greatest cat napper. I could seriously lay down anywhere & fall asleep. Ive even been known to fall asleep in the car on short trips. But now its more of a desperate need to have a nap as apposed to a oh yep i could totally just nap for the sake of napping. I hoping my energy levels come back as soon as my treatment has finished. So if you ever text me & i don’t reply…. yep I’m napping.

Emotional: I cry like a freaking baby and for no particular reason what-so-ever. Big life changing moments like the announcement of pregnancies, marriages or engagements use to be meet by me with the usual gushings & squeals of joy, now I’m a bloody bumbling mess of tears & snot. Yep charming.

I would have perhaps called myself a little bit of a toughie but now I’m a big fat sook! Nothing & nowhere is sacred. Ive burst in to tears at work, in the supermarket, at a restrauant, in a clothes store & at the movies. I would like to point out that it was watching snow white and it was only when an animal got shot. I even cried this morning as there was no butter for my english muffins. You cannot have english muffins with Vegemite & no butter. Disaster but no reason to cry about really! I haven’t totally lost my marbles…. yet.

as I’m typing this my BF is watching a documentary on nation geographic channel. I’m balling like a baby and am going to have to go type this in another room. I just cannot handle it. Sniff Snifff.

Headaches: I never really suffered from these too much.  Every now & then i’d get a headache & would usually fix with a nap. Now these get quite full on and i need to take pain meds. Par for the course i guess.

Dry eyes & nose: Yep experiencing both but not to badly. Ive only had 1 exploding blood nose. i rubbed my nose to vigorously and had a blood nose to end all blood noses so i grabbed some nasal lubricant (yes they have that and yes i giggled when i found it) from the pharmacy & that helps.

As for my eyes i just use eye drops every now and then when they feel a little dry and sore. Sometimes i wake up & freak out that I’m getting conjunctivitis as my eyes get a bit manky but i just thing its my eyes cleaning themselves.

Here are photo from just before i started my treatment.

Progression so far, well here are 2 photos to show how its all clearing up.

I have no idea why in the world i look a little green in these photo’s, must be the lighting in my kitchen! In real like it looks a lot better. I swear!

Well i’d have to say so far so good. You can see from the before and after shots the cystic pimples are gone. The redness has gone and the all consuming hotness and pain has disappeared. Im now left with quite prominant scarring and pigmentation which i must admit is slowly dissipating but I’m sure i will need perhaps some further treatment in my quest to have sub-normal clear skin. Im not looking for porcelain skin like a doll I’m looking for a happy medium.

And the treatment continues………… Wish me luck. Oh and i will be doing a post shortly on what lotions & potion I’m using.

So what do you think of the treatment so far? Have you suffered from acne and had to take medication? Do you have any products you think would be beneficial?