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Welcome to the 2nd instalment of our first collaboration posts. For the first post we bought you a detailed review of The My Beauty Diary Black Pearl mask.

Sarah and i are both beauty blogging nuts and have an affinity with Japanese and korean… lets just say just about every asian beauty product ever made and also crazy about everything japanese. Food, history, the language & of course anime!

After chatting about our love of all these things we decided to bring you lovelies into the mix and review 2 sets of sheet masks for you to see what we think.

Firstly a little about Sarah:

Sarah is a fellow Australian who has a wide range of interest including watching movies and anime, spending time with her boyfriend, friends, and family, taking my dog to the beach, travel, studying Japanese, people watching, and savouring mojitos. Ah a girl after my own heart.

In addition to writing content for a beautiful story, Sarah is a Schwarzkopf Ambassador (Australia) and write for MIKA Magazine and Weekend Notes & a fellow iFabbo top 100 Australian Beauty Blogger. Why not check them out too!

So on to the next instalment:

Image credit: sasa.com

My Beauty Diary Say:

Amino acids, trace elements

– Penetrated through interior layers of skin, creates soft, fair look with radiance.

Vitamin B, seaweed

– Activates & nourishes skin


First impressions:

Madam M: Again has a very light and enjoyable fragrance. Instantly cooling and soothing on my skin. I feel as though this serum in the white pearl mask is a little thicker (minute) than the black pearl mask.

Sarah: I first noticed the cute packaging! The fragrance is light and pleasant but the floral scent is almost soapy, which may not suit some people.


Madam M: As always I have no problem with the cut & size of these masks. Although today my lips are little on the sensitive side so I have ripped the section below my nose and above my lip and folded it back on its self towards my cheeks to limit any serum touching them.

Sarah: Madam M is lucky!  Again for me I had to fiddle around to get the fit just right but it is easy to flip bits out of the way or smooth serum onto uncovered areas.

Quality of material:

Madam M: again quite firm & study without begin all thin & flimsy.

Sarah: Agreed, I really like the quality of the mask sheet material from MBD.

How does it perform against claims:

Madam M: again I don’t solely use this as a whitening treatment so I cannot vouch for the whitening effect but I do love the seaweed extract as it has a great effect at holding more hydration within my skin so it feels a little more hydrated for longer as opposed to the black pearl mask.

Sarah: I gathered information about the properties of this mask from sasa.com. They identify the mask as having whitening, nourishing and revitalising effects which is “ideal for dull and damaged skin”. I found the whitening effect to be very apparent and my skin felt smooth, moisturised and refreshed. However it didn’t feel quite as good as when I used the Black Pearl mask… I wonder if this is due to the Black Pearl’s exfoliating ingredients which you have mentioned Madam M?

Would you repurchase:

Madam M: again yes without a doubt and I do. It’s in my rotation of sheet masks.

Sarah: Yes I would; I found the mask so refreshing on my skin!

Which of the 2 do you prefer:

Madam M: mmm this is a hard one as I reach for both for different things. Black is the way to go when I need a little hydration boost but want a very light exfoliation to smooth my skin where as the pearl powder is great when my skin a feeling really dehydrated and I need a really big boost of hydration.

Sarah: I agree with you Madam M, it is tricky, but for me it is the Black Pearl mask by a smidgen! Whitening is not so important to me. I would however recommend the Pearl Powder mask over the Black Pearl to those who are very keen on whitening.

Added tip: In summer when it is really hot I love to pop these masks in the fridge to chill them for a little while and then apply them to my face. It just feels super cooling. (That sounds like a great idea! )

So there you have it. The conclusion to our first collaboration posts. We hope you enjoyed them as much as we did & we both look forward to bringing you more joint reviews like this.

All of these products were purchased by us for review.

You can get your mitts on this product from:

Imomoko: www.imomoko.com – $15.99 USD – box of 10 sheets

Sasa: www.sasa.com – $13.60 USD –  box of 10 sheets

I also find these in Asian beauty Stores here in Australia. Beauty Scene on Swanston street, Melbourne has a great selection where you also can purchases single selected masks too.

Do you love My Beauty Diary masks? Do you have any ideas on what you would like us to do for our next collaboration post? Did you enjoy our collaboration posts?