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I have been eyeing off Jill Stuart products for like a year now. I did manage to slip in a visit a Jill Stuart counter while in Japan, but seeing as though it was within our first few days of arriving in Tokyo and we were kind of trying to be careful with our purchases, I left grabbing something off my wish list until we were on back in Tokyo after our round trip.

I ended up getting  caught up in other shiney pretty things that i completely forgot about it until i retuned home. Sad Panda.

When one of my besties was popping over to Japan & offered to grab me some things i knew what was first on my hit list.

These are the treasures she came back for for me. Bless.

Jill Stuart say:

Gel eyeliner with rich colour and lustre to create clear defined, remarkable eyes without smudging.

Spreads gently and smoothly , either thick for finely, allowing you to depict the exact line you desire in a single stroke.

Dries quickly & close to your skin, keeping an even layer. Resistant to sweat & lipids , maintaining a just applied beauty for a long period of time (waterproof & smudge proof)

An elegant design using frosted glass in a flower petal motif. Crystal flower fragrance.

Madam M says:

I am sometimes a bit dubious in purchasing makeup products i don’t get to see in person first. Skin care I’m pretty much fine with. Makeup on the other hand can be an awful disappointment sometimes.

As soon as i received my goodie bag i was naturally straight into it. The eyeliner was the first thing i opened and was so happy with my choice.

Application is fantastic. You only need a very small amount of this product to get a beautiful full line. The consistence is like of soft silky cream. It is black as black can get which i adore.

I find it lasts all day on my lids, wether they have been set with a primer or not. It has never faded, bleed or transferred to other areas on my face and i wear it just about every single day. It dries very quickly and has a mid matte finish.

It is extremely easy to remove using either a bi-phase, oil or water cleanser. At the moment i have sensitive eyes and have never found it to irritate or aggravate.

I highly recommend this product. I cannot fully express how impressed i am with this eyeliner and would fight tooth & nail to constantly in my makeup collection. Based on my other liners of this type i have, being Stila smudge pots & Bobby Brown gel eyeliner (reviews for these will be up soonish) i will always reach for my Jill Stuart one.

Being that there is only 3 grams of this product it will surprisingly last a very long time as you only need such a small amount for each application. I have been using mine since May and i have only jut made a dent it it.

You can get your mitts on this product from:

Jill Stuart – www.jillstuart-beauty.com 2,415 Yen (aprox $30.00 AUS)

Imomoko – www.imomoko.com – Generally have this product pop up now and then.

Yesstyle – www.yesstyle.com.au – Also stock Jill Stuart too.

This product was purchased for review.

Have you tried any Jill Stuart products? What type of eyeliner do you like?