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I was lucky enough to pop into a H & M store in japan as i was on the hunt for a headband. I must have totally missed the skincare and makeup section as i had no idea H & M had face masks. If i had seen it I’m sure i would have grabbed something.

I received this mask as part as my “Valentines blog exchange” from Anette at Don’t Touch My Tiara blog. That was months ago and i am only just getting around to it now. My bad. I generally prefer sheet masks but i though i’d give this a whirl.

H & M say:

Crushed raspberries, mango, apricot, peach & pomegranate mask to cleanse & soften tired skin.

Madam M says:

This seriously smells of fresh raspberries. Not a sickly sweetened version with that psydo raspberry fragrance but real, you just squished fresh raspberries on your face. I seriously cannot smell the mango, apricot, peach or pomegranate. I just smell delicious raspberries. The fragrance could still faintly be smelt as i had it on and then was amplified again once i washed it off. Really really lovely. Hungers inducing really. mmmmm fresh raspberries.

It is a kaolin clay based mask so it has a great ability at drawing out impurities & debris from the pores and will give you a gentle exfoliation as you remove it.

Its actually really thick in constancy and is really easy to apply. I had it in my bedroom, where there is not heating in there and due to it being winter here in Australia & it was absolutely freezing to apply. Once i got over the initial shock of it being so cold it was really smooth to apply. I generally apply cream or gel based masks with a brush (beauty therapist habit) but this time i just applied it with my fingers. Slap & it was on.

It dries relatively quickly and feels very tight. Even though i have very dry skin at the moment it felt really comfortable on my skin & i didn’t feel anything unwarranted which i was most definitely waiting for but zip, zero, zilch. Yay.

There is 15 grams of this mask in a packet which i found really generous. I used just about all of the mask but left a little residual product as i had already applied enough to it my face and i wasn’t going to be using it within a few days and i didn’t want to keep it in fear of air getting to it but if you had perhaps combination-oily skin and like to use deep cleansing masks on a very regular basis you could most definitely get 2 applications out of each sachet.

This was actually a bit of a pain to take off. I would perhaps suggest taking it off in the shower. I decided to take it off over the bathroom skin as i had already had a shower earlier. I did rehydrate this but it seemed like ages & ages until i had removed all traces of it.

But in saying that once i did get it all off my skin did look really fresh and had a great glow to it. It felt really smooth and soft.

You can get your mitts on this product from:

H & M: Click here to search for a store near you.

This product was a gift from another blogger.

Do you have a H & M where you live? If you are in Australia have you too been watching the reports that H & M are thinking/planning to come to Australia? Do you think you would shop there for cosmetics & skincare if it does?