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Love an absolute bargain? me too.

Fabulous hair care products can be so expensive and sometimes somewhat elusive and hard to get to. Hairhouse Warehouse have come to the rescue and have released a box set that solves all of these problems and much much more.

Each pack consist of shampoo, conditioner, treatment, comb, crimper, a $20.00 voucher plus a styling product! Wow seriously what more could you possible ask for or want!

There are 2 packs to choose from. Pack one consists of a Goldwell rich repair shampoo & conditioner & the Goldwell rich repair 60 sec treatment.

Pack 2 consists of Goldwell colour shampoo & condition plus a Goldwell Extra rich 60 sec treatment.

I received the colour pack which i am extremely happy about as i have coloured hair and it is in desperate need for a specific shampoo & conditioner to maintain my colour plus it has a treatment that i cannot wait to get into.

The wide tooth comb will come in ever so handy when i use the treatment and perhaps stop me from committing the cardinal hair sin of brushing my hair whilst it still wet. Oops!

I also received the RPR Wax My Style hair wax. I was going to use this to tame any little stray hairs and get a super sleek pony tail but low and behold it seems to have placed itself on my bf’s side of the bathroom cabinet, so i guess its safe to say he likes it and has put it to good use.

There is also a little travel size hair crimper. I don’t think i have had my hair crimped since mmmm lets say 1987! I would bug my mum for hours and hours to crimp my hair. It would take flipping ages as i had near my bum length hair and masses and masses of it.

Crimping only doubled it in size but i thought i looked totally cool. There is probably a school photo of me with crimped hair. God the horror. This probably won’t get used by me unless i had a fancy dress party to go to but i think it would be safe to say that once my nieces are old enough for sleep overs at “The Cool” aunties house I’ll whip this baby out for crazy hairstyles and giggles.

There is also a $20.00 voucher included in the pack to be used on a in salon service. Need a trim, use it on that. Need to refresh your colour, use it on that.

The Hairhouse Warehouse site has a great variety of haircare needs all in a one stop shop! I have had a quick look at the site and and there are a few new things i have added to my wish list:

Tigi After Party Smoothing Cream: This would be perfect to try the next time i straighten my hair – $32.95
L’Oreal Tecni.Art Infinium Lumerie Ultimate: Oh this hairspray has mother of pearl extract so you know its will make your hair super shiny & ever so glossy – $14.95

Nin9ty Nin9 Expert Porcupine Paddle Brush (Large) – God i really need a new hairbrush. Mine is all melted, has bristles missing and is really in such poor condition. Perhaps this new beauty will be a great replacement – $18.95

GHD Air Hair Dryer – My current hairdryer is kind of on its last legs. Its served me well but i think in the not too distant future I’ll have to send it to heaven. I already have a GHD straightener that i absolutely love so perhaps i can put this $20.00 voucher towards a spiffy new dryer – $198.95

All hail the Hairhouse Warehouse Plantinum Blitz Box. For only $29.95 you get over $130 worth of products! This box full of goodies is just such fantastic value. I swear it would be pretty hard to walk past it and not grab one, or two or 3.

You can get your mitts on the product from:

Hairhouse Warehouse: www.hairhousewarehouse.com.au – The Plantinum Blitz Boxes are only available in store so see here for a store near you.

This pack was provided for considerations.