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Oh my god, what have i done!

When Kimberly from Pop Couture sent out an SOS to join her in doing a P100P i jumped in head first without a thought. After the weight of my actions settled on what i had agreed to i naturally began to freakout. Freakout is actually tamest to what word i could write here.

You see the reason I am doing P100P is that Kimberly asked me during the week how many Chanel products i had. i said “Oh only a blush”. It wasn’t until i was getting ready for work the next day that i had a quick look at my stock as i was applying my work face. I actually have a blush, a pencil eyeliner, a liquid pen eyeliner, 2 nail polishes & 2 lipsticks!

I clearly have no idea what i actually have yet i continue to buy products willy nilly with absolutely no regard for why i actually have already & i have begun an absolutely disgusting ritual of hiding products in my bag & not taking them out in front of my BF and waiting until he goes to work & then stashing them! As i know he will just give me that “look”, which is a billion times worse than giving me a lecture on my spending habits.

When i told one of my besties that had agreed to do a P100P the respond was as follows, quote: “Are you serious?!?! Why would you join that? Whats the benefit? Even i know you cannot refrain!! Ha she knows me all too well but when i replied telling her the reason she was more than supportive (as always in anything & everything i do). And she will need to be as this is going to be extremely hard for me!

My work environment exposes me to a world of tasty & delectable beauty delights for 8-10 hours a day, 5-6 days a week. Imagine standing in a full cosmetic department store, with a discount card & great friends that work on all of the counter & they ply you with loads of samples & gifts & first dibs on new released & LE products. THAT is what will make it so hard for me.


Above shows somewhat the extent of my problem. The bags beside my bed are full with products. I call this my “storage area” it drives my BF nuts. The top is of my vanity which i so should have tidied up before taking the picture and below is my sample draw!

As you can see i have a wee problem and need to get using it and the bathroom….. now that is another story!

So i have set myself some strict rules & guidelines:

1 As of today i am not going to buy a new beauty product of any description, form or kind.

2 Because i am on oratane (roacutane) & i go through a lip balm stick in a week i have decided to count 3 lip balms (stick or pot form) as 1 full product. I so could have cheated on this one but i would only be cheating myself.

3 if something finishes, like say eye makeup remover & i do not have a replacement of any sorts i am able to buy a new one.

4 As for samples, 10 samples will equate to a full sized finished product.

5 Any posts from now on will only be for pre P100P purchases until i officially announce i have finished.

6 For every full sized product i finish i will award myself $2.00. The money awarded to myself will be spent on anything i want when P100P is completed.

7 i can buy products as gifts for friends & family but if any samples or gifts come with my purchases they to become part of the gift and not for me to keep.

8 if i break my own rules i must add 5 products to the total & pay myself a fine of $50.00.

ok so that is a fairly ridged set of rules but i know myself & if i don’t have a set guideline i will cheat.

So wish me luck, because doll face i seriously need it.