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I have been saying for ages and ages now that i would post what i have been using on my skin whilst i have been on Oratane (roacuntane) so now i have finally got it all together and am ready to show you.

It has certainly been a little bit of a hit and miss with products and getting a set routine that gives me not only relieve from the side effects (dryness, dehydration, tightness) of oratane & maintaining a effective way at removing makeup while still caring for my skin.

I think for me my approach was wrong and i thought in the beginning that i had to replace the oil my skin was no longer producing. I have since change my thought and philosophy and am now focusing on hydrating products.

This is my morning product routine both for a work day and day off.

Antipodes – Juilet Brighteneing Gel Cleanser – This product i started just before i went on my acne medication. I was a little worried that i wouldn’t be able to use this once my treatment started as i may have been too drying on my skin. Thankfully it didn’t have any adverse effect & i really enjoy using it. Its a low foaming gel that feels great on my skin and smells absolutely delicious. It reminds me of apple cakes with a little tiny bit of spice to it. It rinses really well and i have not experienced any dryness from it. I may do a more indent post on it soonish. It deserves its own review.

Naruko – Raw Job’s Tears Super Critical CO2 Whitening Toner – Yep that’s a mouthful. This toner has lasted for ages and is really good. I use it purely for the hydration aspect and haven never actually used it with cotton pads. I alway just dispense a few drops on to my palms and press into my skin. It has a wee bit of a alcohol smells. Some may find it offensive but it suits me fine. I can’t vouch for the whitening aspect as its a toner and i wasn’t expecting any dramatic changes to my pigmentation from this alone. I like it a lot but i have a few other things to move on to once this is finishes, which is very very soon.

Antipodes – Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream – Ok you may be wondering why this had popped up in both morning and nighttime care. Well to put it bluntly nothing else i tried was rich enough. I started out with a cetaphil moisturiser (and cleanser but thats another story) and a few other bits and bobs but nothing seemed to moisturise my skin enough. Then i found this and haven’t looked back. Its nourishing enough for day time use on my skin. It smells heavenly and my skin just drinks it up. I will definitely be doing a solo review on this soon too. It’s been my absolute godsend!

Pirkka – Q10 Eye Cream – I honestly don’t know too much about this product as its in Finnish & was sent to me from Annette from Don’t Touch My Tiara in a beauty swap. I’ve been using it on and off since then. I use it purely because it feels nice on my eye area. I must admit i don’t use this religiously. Just when i can be bothered. Well some eye cream is better than no eye cream hey!

Nivea – Sun Protect Water Gel SPF 30 PA++ – This is my go to, hands down, bees knees in sunscreen. I purchased this in Japan. Its non sticky, glides on like butter and has practically no scent. Its the best sunscreen i have ever used. Again i have hardly any left and i will most definitely be trying to get my hands on another soon. I’ve tried a few others here in Australia but none seem to live up to this one. I find our sunscreens (Australian branded ones i have tried) are a lot heavier or thicker, have quite a prominent fragrance and feel slimy on my face.

This is my Night time product routine for work days and days off.

Face of Australia – Gentle makeup Remover – I love love love this makeup remover. I use it solely as a eye makeup remover. It is just so easy & effective to use. I never have to tug or rub my eyes. It doesn’t leave a oily residue and all my eye makeup comes of in a jiffy. Moat importantly it never ever stings my eyes. Bliss. Its a bi-phase cleanser so you need to shake it to mix the two solutions together. It is one of the best i have used and i will be repurchasing after this is finished.

Bioderma – Crealine  H2O – This is use as a bit of an all purpose cleanser. I use it on my eyes for when i have had light eye makeup on or if i have had no makeup on and i just want a nice quick cleanse, translation I’m sitting on the couch as i have been all day and i cannot be bothered standing in the bathroom. It eats up and makeup, dirt, sunscreen and anything else i had put on my face that dy. Its a freaking magical water i say.

Shu Uemura – High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil Advanced Formula – I have tried a fair few cleansing oils but i always seems to go back to this one. I love how its just so effective and simple to use. Its melts off my makeup and leaves my skin silly smooth with out feeling irritated or dry. I have previously review this in detail. See here for the review. Note: if i haven’t worn makeup that day i do not use this cleanser.

Okoii – Luxury Rice Bran Creamy Soap – *** You can just see what’s left of this soap in the photo above. Its right there on the left hand side of the night cream. I received this product from Yoko after winning a competition she was hosting on her blog, Okoii. I have been using this since february/March and its still going strong. I was a little apprehensive about using a soap on my skin as when i started it my acne was at its all time worst. After some wise advice and guidance from Yoko she suggested i give it a go. Its just heavenly. I whips up into a creamy lather and i have never ever felt dry after using it. This certainly helped my skin from day dot. I just can’t believe its lasted so long.

SK -II Facial Treatment Essence – Ah facial treatment essence, loved by millions around the wold and i know first hand why. This not only keeps my skin ultra hydrated but it just make my skin glow. I love to use this at night so it can work its magic as i sleep. I have noticed a change in texture and brightness since using it. I have a 75ml bottle that i stated in January and it is now just about to run out. I must admit in the beginning i noticed nothing what so ever changed within my skin. I was getting ready to bin it then all of a sudden it just clicked. I have to note that half way through i noticed a change in its smell that kind of became a little offensive but that only lasted a week or two then it one back to how it smelt before. Not sure what that was about, could have just bee me and not the product!

Antipodes – Organic Avocado Oil & Rosehip Divine Face Oil – This isn’t called divine face oil for nothing. It is just that…. divine. I love nothing better than to come home at night, take my face off and slather this on. I can honestly say that this got me through this past winter. I have noticed a dramatic change in post acne scarring and pigmentation since i began using this. I just love it and i know i will continue to use it after i have finished my oratane treatment but i will move it back to a few nights a week not every night. I will definitely be doing a stand alone post for this.

So there you have it, my current skin care routine. I must also add that i use sheet masks about every 2nd or 3rd night also as hydration boosters. I just love them. I get home, slap one and and go about my business.

I have reviewed 2 types of sheet masks with the lovely Sarah from A Beautiful Story. The first one we reviewed together was the My Beauty Diary – Black Pearl Mask & then the My Beauty Diary – Pearl Powder Mask. 

*** these mark the products that were provided for consideration, all other products were purchased by me or were gifts. 

So do you need a nap after reading all of that? Did you make it to the end? Find anything that grabs your fancy? Have any questions about anything I’m using?