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Welcome to my first Project 100 Pan post.

So its been something like 16 (?) days since i purchased a single beauty related product. And i tell you what, its been so good so far. I keep blinkers on at work & have stopped frequenting my favourite shops & boutiques. I have actually been burning though what i have & i can actually say at this point in time its actually kind of fun.

1 Herbina Maja Spa Body Lotion – This body lotion was a gift from an International beauty blogger. I really really loved this product. It smelt very sweet & flowery, but BF says its watermelon! If i was to ever come across it again i would buy it in a heartbeat.

2 Clean Shower Fresh Body Souffle – I fell in love with this as soon as i used it. Was everything i expected it to be. I am hoping i can pick up another in this years boxing day sales. Well that is if I’ve finished P100P. I did a full review on this. Its here if you would like to see it.

3 Norsca Anti-yellow Stain Deodorant – I’ve actually been through a fair few bottles of this. My previous job required me to wear white tops. I freaking hate deodorant stain & get quite paranoid about it so this was a god send. Its never ever stained any of my clothing & it smells very fresh & clean. I still use it now even though my uniform is black. You can generally pick it up on sale too.

4 Illamasqua – Succumb Powder Eye Shadow – I need to replace this immediately. Its my go to colour for a base for my eyes. Its the most prefect colour ever. Its classed as a soft peachy nude with a matte finish. Its just perfect. I was using just about every single day & i feel a little lost without it.

5-a YU.BE Lip Therapy – This lip balm contained vitamin E & camphor. It did taste really strong but i actually like camphor & i didn’t have any problem with that. It was very soothing & really helped my dry lips. Its based on a Japanese formula but its actually made in America. I was available at Mecca/kit years ago but then just disappeared. Sad face as they actually have some other great products  I purchased mine online recently though. Its not stock from years ago… ha.

5-b Naurko Basics Hydrating lip Balm – Strawberry – Im seriously sad that my Naruko lip balm are coming to an end & running out fast. I found them to be absolutely fantastic. Im trying desperately to find them again but i think its safe to say they have been discontinued & i have no chance. Strawberry was delicious. Tastes like strawberry sauce! I review the whole set here if you would like to see more.

5-c Naurko Basics Hydrating lip Balm – Mint – Ah always predictable & safe mint. Yep its mint, nothing too dramatic here. It was really soothing in my lips & very protective.

6 SK-II Facial Treatment Essence – This was part of my Current Skin Care Routine for September. I purchased this 75ml in i think February & i have only just finished it now. I was only using it at night. Its ever so hydrating & my skin would just lap it up. Im keeping my eye out for the SK-II christmas packs to see what they have on offer & I’m hoping to replace this then. I have substituted this with Shiseido Eudermine Lotion. I have only used it for a few nights now but i think we are going to be firm friends.

7 Marusan Selena Multi-layer Cotton Puff (80 Sheets) – These cotton sheets are pretty fantastic. They have 5 layers to them so you can use them for DIY facial masks using an essence or toner of your choice. They never fluff or pill & are very sturdy. Seriously worth the $3.99USD (aprox $3.84 AUD). I always add a few boxes to my cart when i order from imomoko.

8 Innoxa Super Sensitive Eye Makeup Remover – mmmm I’m so happy this has finally finished. I really did not like it. It stung my eyes, it was a pain to use & it was useless in removing anything. I did a review here if you would like to see it. I most certainly won’t be replacing this.

9 Kanebo – Kracie 3D Hadabisei Moisturising Sheet Mask – I grabbed a box of these when i was in Japan as i had never seen a 3D mask before. They had a display of it in the chemist & it was actually my BF who spotted them. Yep i just had to have it.  These have a lovely rose scent & are very hydrating. They have the added benefit of collagen, hyalauronic acid & seaweed extract. The 3D aspect is kind of gimmicky but they do a fantastic job in adding a boost of hydration to my skin.

10 My Beauty Diary – Royal Jelly Sheet Mask – Ah My Beauty Diary. Always a staple in my box of masks. This one is like all the others, fits well, has loads of essence & just feels amazing on my skin. The royal jelly helps plump fine lines & has fantastic skin healing properties. My skin always feels deliciously smooth & plump after using this.

Samples – Sadly i haven’t quiet finished 10 so i’ll put them on the next.

Oh and as for the money earned so far, well i haven’t found a jar so that too will appear in the next post.

Product tally: 10\100

Money tally: $20.00