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i discovered this blog while i was doing research on what i wanted to see while i was in japan & have stalked & lurked followed it ever since.

Why i love Glossed In Translation:

Glossed in Translation is a beauty blog with a focus on Japanese cosmetics, skincare, and beauty aesthetics. Occasionally to spice things up a notch Elizabeth will post non-Japanese product review as she believes limiting her love for cosmetics from just one country would become a little bland. Variety is the spice of life hey!

Elizabeth began her blog in August 2010, around a month before she left the UK to live in Japan for a year. Ah such a lucky duck. And continued to post about new japanese discoveries and tid bits of her new life in Japan. Elizabeth now resides back in the UK but is still bring us glorious reviews.

5 of my all time favourite posts from Elizabeth:

Hakuhodo All of her posts on my much lusted after Hakuhodo brushes. She has a tab on her main menu that groups them all into a ever so convenient place for readers to drool over. Her reviews are extremely comprehensive & very informative. These include single reviews, series introductions, comparisons etc.

Magazine Monday I love magazine monday. Elizabeth shows us photos take from her magazine collections that include new products, wacky gadgets & advertorials that have taken her liking! Sadly i cannot read any of the japanese text (yet) but i just love looking at the pretty pictures but Elizabeths explanations are really helpful.

Suqqu Creamy Glow Lipstick #17 Ichijiku This lipstick color is just gorgeous. I want i want i want. Elizabth gives us a great run down on how to use it, how it feels & the longevity of the colour.  This is still highly listed on my “must have” lust list.

Kracie: Hadabisei Super Moisture Mask This post just cemented the fact that i was going to come home with a tonne load of sheet masks from my holiday. I too love sheet masks in all their forms & glory. Her rating system was a fabulous help & always is given in great detail.

Things To Buy In Japan #1: Bath Salts – a.k.a An Ode To Kikiyu – Ok i seem to be crazy mad about bath salts & additives too & also came home with a bunch of these also. My collection continues to grow rapidly all the while i don’t actually have a bath in my house! Yep go figure.I’ so sure you will find it just as exciting & fascinating as i do.

If you get 5 minutes please drop on by Glossed In Translation blog & have a read.  read

I hope you enjoyed the second instatement of “I’ll have what she is having”. I plan in bring you more posts to share the little gems from all over the world i have discovered and hope you enjoy them as much as i do.

If you know of any fantastic blog out there that you just love please let me know.