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hands up, who loves morning tea!

Settling down on the couch after a busy morning with a pot of deliciously hot tea and perhaps a little cake or two. Yep its the simple things in life that matter hey. Add a nap to the mix and i am the happiest woman alive.

Want to recreate this joyous moment over and over and over again. Just open a pot of Elevenses and pure bliss is to ensured.

Haus of Gloi say:

Not quite breakfast and not quite lunch, its the little snack in between. Bring out the old cracked china! Tiny, little, fluffy orange cakes, sugar coated toasty almonds and a wee steaming cup of black tea!

Madam M says:

I find this smells really strong & i just love it. The orange cakes, the toasted almonds & tea all jump out at you. I actually have a soft spot for anything that is almond scented and this sure does not disappoint.

I love to apply this after a shower as it just melts into my skin and veils me in a wonderous smell of pretty almonds and orange.

I find its consistency a little thicker than a cream but not quite a balm. Its a sort of creamy balm hybrid yet its feels ever so light on my skin.

It again like all of the Haus of Gloi products i have, they really last on my skin & i tend to not bother wearing any other perfumes when i have this on as i just want to wallow in its loveliness.

I have had quite a few complements when wearing this & people cannot understand that its a body moisturiser. Yep its radiates its gloriousness for one and all.

I would most definitely repurchase the full size of this again as soon as it runs out. I would be tres upset if Haus of Gloi ever decided to discontinue this product. Like shed a tear and hug the empty pot screaming why, why WHY kind of upset.

You can get your mitts on this product from:

Haus of Gloi: www.hausofgloi.com – $4.50 2oz, $10.00 6oz

This product was purchased for review.

Do you love morning tea? Would you wear a product that smelt like tea & cakes?