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So i got to the 2nd instalment of my Project 100 Pan a lot quicker than i expected. This bunch is full of some hits and some misses. Enjoy.

11 – Jurlique Rose Shower Gel – I have bucket loads of the Jurlique shower gels. You will probably find one or 2 of them in my shower for the next 5 years. The rose smells like real roses and not that overly sweet sickly rose fragrance you sometimes find. It can lather up really well and feels silky soft on my skin. It doesn’t really have a long lasting fragrance on your skin but non the less its makes your bathroom smell like a beautiful bunch of roses. Very very pretty. No need to repurchases as i have them coming out of my earholes!

12 – Shiseido Tsubaki Shampoo – One of the bet shampoo’s i have ever used. When we went to Japan this was the shampoo we had in one of our hotels and i was smitten with it. Not only does it cleanse my grubby hairspray laden hair with ease but it just smells so damn beautiful. Every time i use it, it reminds me of japan and for just a few minutes I’m back there.

13 – Shiseido Tsubaki Conditioner – Just as great if not better than the shampoo. Really make my hair soft and silky and the fragrance is just to die for. Its a little thicker than the conventional conditioners sold here in Australia. I found that i had to really make sure it was rinsed out well from my hair as if not it would feel a little heavy. But i must add that i seriously have a bucket load of hair. Its really long & like a horses tail and i am always very generous in the amount that i use so its more of a how i use it issue than a issue with the produce itself. I think i’m going to try the white series next.

14 – Sephora Oh My Cherie Cake Gourmand Sweet Cake Bubble Bath – This bubble bath i actually used as body wash as i don’t have a bath. It was from last years Sephora Oh My Cherie Cake Gourmand Sweet Cake Holiday Set. The set was black (tick), had dots (tick), and smelt like cake (tick) & i just simply had to have it. it smelt absolutely delicious and I’m really sad it has run out. I reviewed the full set here if you would like to see it.

15 – Tommy Girl Crackling Body Spray – This i admit i have had for about 3 years! One of my girlfriends got me on to it. It was actually discontinued yonks ago but every time we were in or near a priceline we would run to it to see if there was any stock left then fight over who got it. Its quite a funny little product. Great for summer as its absolutely freezing. When you spray it on your skin it kind of comes out like a foam then fizzed & pops! Once its settles down you just rub it in and spread it around. Tommy Girl always reminds me of summer, bbq’s, beer & her. Ah sweet memories.

16 – Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush – Love, yum, yay. This little gem has saved me from a few sticky, greasy situations. Great for when missed my alarm (translation= hit snooze one too many times) & didn’t have enough time to wash my hair or i was just in between washes. Always a staple in my bathroom. Im still hanging for the cherry version to hit our stores. mmmm cherry.

17 – Becca Professional Brush Soap – Meh really didn’t like this. Others swear by it. I on the other hand don’t. I reviewed it here if you would like to see. It just doesn’t have an effective cleaning ability as i had hoped or wanted.

18 – Bourjois Liner Effect Mascara – This mascara took a little getting used to. It has a unique styles brush like nothing i had ever used before. The long bristles are for coating the lashes & the small bristles are to get right into the roots. I don’t know how many times in the beginning i poked myself in the eye but eventually i got the hang of it. I would most definitely repurchases. Makes my lashes look all doll like.

19 – My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Sheet Mask – Ah sheet masks, my little luxuries in life. I must admit I’ve been a little slack with these lately. I usually uses a fair few a week but for some reason i just can be bothered. I did a collaboration post with Sarah from A Beautiful Story on this mask & its here if you would like to see what we thought about it. Black pearl is one of my fav MBD masks. Always a sure given boost of hydration & puts a little brightness & glow in my skin.

20 – Koa Nekurizumu Vapour Relax Hot Eye Mask in Chamomile- I have already reviews the rose scented eye masks here. These chamomile ones are just as soothing on my tired eyes. I generally don’t like chamomile scented products but these are in no way offensive. I love nothing better than to pop one of these on and lie back & relax. Ah pure bliss.

21a – Carmex Lip Balm– I think this is the first time in my life i have actually finished one of these pots. Usually i loose them. I prefer carmex to blistex as i find blistex has a soapy taste to it. i love the cooling tingling feeling it gives & is great to help heal my ravaged lips. Im dying to get my hands on a cherry flavoured carmex. I think i’ll add the cherry to my post P100P hit list.

21b – Maybelline Baby Lips Cherry Velvet (Japanese Edition) – So im calling this a japanese edition as i purchased it in japan & haven’t seen this flavour here. The cherry flavour is really nice but i wish it packed more of a punch in flavour. Thats just my personal preference as i love love love cherry flavoured things. It smooth, protective & i think you would hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t like a little baby lips in their life.

21c – Antipodes Organic Lip Balm – Ewwww i really don’t like this lip balm. I keep getting free ones when i buy products. Its lumpy, grainy & leaves lumps & bumps on my lips. The formula is shocking & it also tastes a little icky too. The first one i thought i may have been a funny batch but my when i got a second i found it was the same i was pretty disappointed.  I’ve got another in the bottom of my work bag thats for absolute lip emergencies but i sometimes put it on my cuticle while in on the train or use it to smooth down any flyaway sticky out bits on my hair.

So clearly i cannot count as had planned to do posts in 10 block sets. Oh well the more the merrier i say.

Im getting through everything at a great pace which I’m really happy with. Ive already got my next post in draft which mades me even more happy.

So its so good so far. No tears, tantrums or punches thrown………… yet.

Days since last beauty purchase: 46

Product Tally: 21/100

Money tally: $42.00

Anything here you have tried? Founds anything here you want to try?