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Well yet again i thought i’d add something new to my blog and perhaps start a weekly update of things that happen to me in my daily life other than just pumping out reviews on products.

Sometimes its nice to get a bit of in insight of the person who’s blog you read, makes them feel a little more obtainable and a little more intimate. Well that’s what i get from posts like these so here we go, a week in the life of me


As some of you may know my poor baby girl Lotus (she’s a dalmatian but many people have thought she is my human baby by the way to talk about her) who suffers from Addison’s disease came down with a spot of gastro last saturday night & due to that she got extremely sick and had an addisonian episode. For those of you who have never heard of Addison disease (as we had never heard of it when she was diagnosed 7 years ago) take a look here. I wont go into the details as its kind of hard to explain anywhoo she was rushed to werribee hospital on sunday & was in a critical condition for 2 whole days. It took so long to pull her out of her episode that my BF & i though this was the end and prepared ourselves for the worst. 3 plasma transfusions, 8 litres of fluid, 4 days in hospital & a $4k bill that is 5 pages long listing all the drugs i cannot pronounce & other treatments given & i’m happy to say my baby girl is home & recovering very very well. An extremely heartfelt thank you to each & everyone for the tweets, text & calls to see if we needed anything or to just say hang in there guys.  You saved these fretfully parents from totally loosing it.

Anybody that says beauty bloggers are a bunch of materialistic bitches who care about no one but themselves & put others down to make themselves feel better or smack-talk other blogs to make their blog look better have got it seriously, seriously wrong!. I myself would be lost without them & truly cherish each & everyone of you.


So i work in retail & christmas is certainly here with a bang. My store is all kitted out with christmas decorations & i cringe every morning when i walk in hoping they havent started with the carols over the PA system. Seriously carols on repeat make my ears bleed.

The pram to person ratio has increased & so too has the whiff of eau de nappies on higher levels up where santa hangs out. I’m praying to Maynard James Keenan that santa & his elves don’t give out flutes like a few years ago. Kids can only play 1 note…. super freaking anoyingly loud. Seriously santa whats wrong with chocolates or candy canes!

Oh also i served Rose Byrne! She is stunning, giggly & super nice. Yep was extremely lovely & a delight to meet. Oh if your wondering she purchased SK-II’s facial treatment essence masks in a 6 pack.

Junk food: yep I’m a huge junk food fiend & my BF is the same so it makes for a bad combo.

Now christmas is here that only means 1 thing: Mince pies, oh my god i love them. Ill eat them day or night, singles or 3 at a time. I just cant get enough. Just so good.


Oh Alcohol, I’ve been craving alcohol like nobody business. Especially a big fat tall bucket filled to the brim with mojito deliciousness. Oh god i can taste it now. Im not sure if its the weather warming up or the fact that i know I’m nearly finished my oratan treatment & will be able to drink once thats finished.

So there are the highlights & lowlights of this past week. Things can only get better from here & im counting down the days until i can shove my face into a mojito to drown out the carols & continue filling my face with mince pies.

And to finish off this post –  cute little ducklings to melt you heart.