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This week was kind of boring compared to the last few which is fantastic in my eyes.

A little bit of normality is coming back & now its time to move on to bigger & more positive things.

We have had painters here doing the outside of the house. The owner choose the most boring & bland colors getting around. White, off white & light grey. Boring.

The guys here are nice enough but i think the girls have totally pushed them to their limit of niceness.

Lily has paint on her ear, Lotus ate one of their lunches, they left the gate open TWICE & had to coheres Lily back into the house from half way down the street & then one of then said he couldn’t work out why he had scratches on his belly then finally clicked it was from Lily’s morning greeting of jumping up on him with her pointy paws.

There is also the case of the “mystery” paw print on the step that no one would own up to & all suspects involved had clearly freshly licked paws to hide the evidence. I have my own suspicons (LOTUS) but cannot prove it.

Pretty safe to say both parties will be glad to see each other go! Not so much the girls, they keep standing at the gate waiting for them to come over.

Public Service Announcement

Honestly when was the last time you cleaned inside your washing machine, me, bloody ages ago. You see my new summer work uniform clearly states “do not use fabric softener”. So i didn’t but the last load came out with these grey marks on them & now some of it is ruined.

Seems the load before of towels that i did use softener on must have left reminates of softener in it. Grrrrrrrr. I took out the little lint collector thing & its was a smooshy, gloopy fabric softener mess.

Now its all sparkly clean & im praying i don’t dstroy the rest of my uniform.

Im still craving mojito’s like no ones business but i spotted a lady drinking a mojito flavoured ice tea in the lift at work.

I havent hunted one down yet but I’m hoping this will quell my cravings.

ohhhh gingerbread. I freaking love it in all forms. This week i’ve totally become addicted to these little gingerbread latte’s from starbucks.

I dont really like starbucks coffee but every now & then something grabs my eye & this i just cannot get out of my head. Its just so yummy but i forgo the 1/2 a cup of cream, not really something i feel like having at 8 o’clock in the morning!

Think its safe to say i’ll be sad to see these go but might be a good thing as i think i’m drinking way too many of them.

And to finish off this post – A BABY HEDGEHOG