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My name is Madam M & I am a beauty product-a-holic, its been 75 days since my last beauty product purchase.

Wow that has come and gone relatively pain-free.

22. Benefit Lemon Aid Color Correcting Eyelid Primer: mmm I’m not really a fan of this and am kind of glad to see the back of it. It makes my lids look really grey for some reason and really is not flattering at all on me. One of my besties just loves it. I sometimes think she eats it as she goes through it so quickly hee hee hee. Yeah you, you know who I’m talking about.

23. Antipodes Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream: I just love this. I have used it for a while now and it was the best thing I found for my skin while I am on Oratane. My skin just laps it up and i have not once had to deal with dryness or flakiness, which can be the bain of your existence if you are on Oratane. I am already on my second one. I have reviewed it a little here as it’s part of my current skin care routine give or take few new inclusions or exclusions.

24. Benefit Play Stick Foundation in Paper Dolls: I swear I have been through about 10 of these no jokes. It was my go to foundation for years and years. It was the only foundation I could use when I was having an absolutely blowout acne fest on my face and even when I started treatment. It’s a delicious cream to powder foundation that covers all flaws and imperfections on my skin and has absolutely great longevity. I will definitely be buying more once I finish what I have foundation wise. Just love it.

25. Naruko Raw Job’s Tears Supercritical CO2 Whitening Toner: Yeah that’s one hell of a long name yeah but I was really impressed with it. As I said here in my current skin care routine post I wasn’t expecting miracles from this as it a toner but it was super hydrating and left my skin feeling wonderful and plump. If I came across this again I would not hesitate in picking it up. It seriously lasted ages and ages and ages.

26. Norsca Anti-Yellow Stains + Antil-white Marking Deodorant: Yep this popped up in my first Project 100 Pan post. It really does what its says and leaves no trace on any of your clothing. I just love it and will continue to buy.

27. Antipodes Organic Advocado Oil & Rosehip Divine Face Oil: Ah this is just amazing. I love this little bottle of liquid gold and have used it for months now and I have seen a dramatic change in post acne scarring & pigmentation in my skin. It got me through winter unscathed and I am now on my second bottle of its liquid deliciousness. I’ve blabbed on about it a little here.

28. Illamasqua Blush in Lover: Mmmmm lover, what can I say about lover. Only that on me its the best color for my cheeks and so easy and lovely to use. This got absolutely smashed to smithereens when I took it on holidays and I nearly threw it out but after much deliberations and thought I kept it and just had to be really really careful when I used it. I must admit a lot of it got wasted but I just love the feeling of finishing a blush. Its high on my repurchase list.

29. Lumene Sensitive Touch Face Wipes: I’m not really a face wipe kind of gal. I think im in love with my cleansing oils too much. I received this as part of a blogger swap with Annete from Don’t Touch My Tiara. They are really thick and durable but I used them to spot clean my makeup brushes and wipe off anything on the back of my hand.

30. Daiso Rosehip Extract Baby Wipes: I find most of the Japanese baby wipes I pick up are a lot thinner than the ones you can buy here in Australia. I do really love these. Even though they are thin they are still quite durable and are actually really hard to rip or tear. The only thing I don’t like about these ones is that they are fragrance free. In saying that they are still so economical at just $2.80 for 80 sheets. I use these for just about everything. From spot cleaning makeup brushes, cleaning up any spills on my vanity to wiping over makeup & beauty products to remove dust or the ever so freaking annoying Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation bottle that I love but wish to Maynard James Keenan they would just put a freaking pump on its so it doesn’t get all manky.

31a. Shiseido Water In Lip Lip Balm in Sakura: I purchased this on a whim one lunchbreak when I was feeling a little bored and frivolous. It feels really nice on my lips but isn’t really anything to bang on about. It does have tiny little sparkles in it but if i put too much on it kind of white’s out my lips. The scent is really delicate but smells nice enough. I Dont think I would buy this one again but I would like to try others within the range like the pear or menthol.

31b. Naruko Basics Hydrating Lip Balm In Peach: Naw im so sad panda face over finishing this. Its my Favourite out of the 5 Nauruko lip balms I have. I reviewed the set here. They are my all time favourite lip balms ever and unfortunately are no longer made. The peach is so delicious. It’s like your smelling a real fresh-cut peach.

31c. Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Glow in 01 Baby Pink: These are a bloody godsend. Not only are they the bee’s knees in hydrating lip balms but they give your lips the most natural pink soft look ever. I was having trouble being able to stand lipstick on my lips so I thought I’d grab one of these to see if I could use it and fool people into thinking I had made an effort and had something on my lips for work purposes. Low and behold it worked perfectly and I cannot count how many time I had to tell customers it was just lip balm and not a lipstick colour that I sold. if you see them grab one and you too will be just as floored at the prettiness as I was.

Days since my last beauty purchase: 75

Product tally: 31

Money tally: $62.00

Spot anything you are using too? See anything you want to try yourself?