Oh deer (hee hee), where did December go & how in the world is its already 4 days into 2013?


December was an absolute whirl wind for me. I had only just recently started a new job, had loads of extra responsibility & was running on a permeant team of one….. ME, plus trying to have a social life (didn’t happen) run a household (dismally) and spend time with my boy (quick waves in the hall way).

But i survived work, had my ever so thoughtful Mother buy & wrap Christmas presents for my nieces & nephews on my behalf as i simply did not have a chance to get anything (yes i know that sounds absurd seeing as though i do working in a department store but honestly the last thing i want to do on my lunch break or afterwork is shop). Managed a few ever so quick catchups with friends. My house is still standing but needs a blood good scrub & organise & the boys still loves me. Yeah!

I worked something ridiculous like 190+hours spread over 4 weeks with just a few days off sprinkled here or there. Yep hard times but you know what, as lame as it sounds hard work does pays off & i hit or smashed some targets & achievements I or my company set so all in all it was pretty damn good. Phew.

Now moving into 2013 i’m planning bigger & better things for The Beauty Dispensary & I just simply cannot wait to share then all with you. Seriously excited.


I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who ready my blog, played along with me on twitter, wasted precious time on my facebook page or sent me love gifts, christmas cards or just sweet emails or letters to say “hey”.

You guys mean a lot to me and i simply couldn’t do it without you all.

Heres to a 2013 filled with love, happiness and joy for each & everyone of you.

I just need a few more days to get my brain working again (didn’t realise it was even Friday until it was around 4pm this afternoon, yep that’s how much i’m feeling scattered) and i’ll be back to my usual blogging self.

Check you soon

Madam M