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Welcome to the first Project Pan 100 post of 2013.

This one was a little hard to get through. I felt as though i had hit a wall. Nothing seemed to be finishing and i was doubtful i would even get here. Then bang. The last drips of products started to come out and then all of a sudden, i had a nice little bunch to tell you about.

PP100 VOL4-1

31 – Absolis Patyka Neroli Body Wash – I reviewed this product in full here. This has a delicate citrus fragrance from the neroli. It lathers up a treat & feels very velvety on your skin. Its has a delicious scent that lingers on your skin long after you have popped out of the shower. I actually really liked this.

32 – Clarins Advanced Extra-Firmng Eye Control Cream – Meh a so so eye cream for me. Takes a little to absorb into my skin. I find the pump pretty convenient but 1 pump gives you way way way too much for 1 application. 1/2 a pump is all you need. Can sometimes leave a bit of a residue on my skin and can feel a little tight which feels a little uncomfortable. But in this products defence i don’t really have any lines around my eyes so i cant really vouch for its effectiveness.

33 – Elnet Satin ExtraHold for Colored Hair Hair Spray – Gosh if i think back I’ve probably been through billions of these. I tend to stick to this brand and never seem to venture too far. It holds my hair back neatly for work and I have never found it to leave a build up or stick or clumps in the wrong places. The fragrance is not over powering & brushes out in a jiffy. It also seems every time i go to get a new one its on sale too. Win!

34 – Face of Australia Gentle Makeup Remover – This is probably one of if not my most favourite eye makeup remover. This bottle lasts such a long time. Its just melts off all of my gel/liquid eyeliner, primer, shadow & mascara in a heartbeat. Its just so simple, quick & easy to use. It has never stung or irritated my eyes. I will most definitely be replacing this little one.

35 – Jurlique Lavender Shower Gel – Ah I’m slowly getting through them. Generally I’m not really a fan of lavender but this is actually really lovely. Foams up well. Rinses cleanly & does not dry out my skin. The fragrance isn’t really a lingering one on my skin but my bathroom smells ever so pretty afterwards. These make lovely gifts also.

PP100VOL4 2

36 – Piacelabo Edurer Misty Floral – This i received as a gift from the delightful Nic at The Beauty Maniac In Tokyo. It was my most treasured possession until it ran out. Sniff Sniff. Its a hair treatment spray that smells absolutely amazing. Like ridiculously freaking amazing! I was a totally in love with it. Its made the ends of my hair so silky soft & gave the most wonderful shine when i sprayed it on my fringe & crown of my head. The fragrance really really really lasted. I’m seriously on the hunt to replace this. Im not sure if i want to try the others on the range or just stick to this one. When i go back to japan i’m buying 40 of them, mark my words!

37 – Lush – Honey I Washed The Kids Soap – This is a pretty good soap. Smells like warm honey & just feels delicious on your skin. It doesn’t really foam up a lot. It has more of a creamy texture than loads of bubbles. Its not what i would say is a very moisturising soap but who cares its smells bloody divine. Yep its on the buy again list.

38 – Bison Bakkantou Royal honey & Milk bath Salt – I don’t have a bath so when we had a weekend away for a wedding i made sure i had one of these in my bag. I bought a whole bunch of these for myself and as gifts when we were in Japan. This one was just mind blowing. When i put it in the bath it filled the whole cottage up with the intoxicating smell of honey & milk. The fragrance is super strong which i adore.  The additive is bright hot pink in color, when added to the water it went a violent orange. When it all dissolved it was a milky pale lemon color. It was bliss just laying back and wallowing in its softness. Once out my skin was so soft & silky. Again when i go back to Japan I’m buying a bag full. And yes its going to be a big bag.

39 – Shiseido Facial Cotton – Oh now these are the softest cotton pads I’ve ever used. They have a triple layer that makes them quite sturdy yet still maintain their softness. They are perfect for using with any Shiseido softener (eudermine is my favourite) but can be used with any toner, lotion or eye make up remover. These never fall apart or leave little cotton “fluffies” on my skin or in my eyes. They might be a little more expensive than your regular facial cottons but the quality of these is far more superior.

40a – Maybelline Baby Lips Energizing Orange – Yep another Maybelline baby Lips. This one has a subtly orange flavour and like all the others is really smooth, applies like a dream and is vey protective.

40b – Le Petit Marseillais Olive Lip Balm – This was a little gift i received from Annabella at Skin Scrubs. If you know Annabella then you will most certainly know she is cray cray for any La Petite Marseillais product. This lip balm is from the Olive collection. The balm itself is very creamy & very protective. It creates a really smooth barrier on your lips & is prefect if you suffer from chronic dryness. The only feature i didn’t like about this was due to its creaminess its a little on the fragile side. Definitely not a pocket keeper as it has a tendency to melt quite easily and if you use to much pressure in applying it you will destroy it. I think i would most definitely like to try some of their other flavours.

40c – Maybelline Baby Lips Mango Pie (Japanese Edition) – Again another treasure I picked up on my holiday. For some reason i find the constancy of the Japanese lip balms a little different to the American or Austalian versions. Not sure i could just be totaly making it up but the Japanese ones feel a little more creamier. The mango flavour is nice and subtle. I have had a look around here but alas i don’t think its available in Australia.

Days since last purchase: 118 days

Product tally: 40

Money tally: $80

See anything you like? Anything here you have tried too?