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Strawberry jam & cream.

Bacon & maple syrup.

Honey & lemon.

Coriander & chili.

Some of the best “made for each other” parings in life.

Move over cherries & dark chocolate Lychee & Tea are here.


Haus of Gloi say:

Tart lychee fruit and black tea met with a splash of coconut milk.

Madam M says:

I am absolutely smitten with this product. It’s on very high rotation in my bathroom.

The consistency is smooth, like the lightest whipped butter you have ever seen.

It melts into my skin and never ever feels greasy or oil. I find it best to apply after a shower.

I definitely smell the sweet lychee and the tea has a really nice comforting feel to it. There is coconut in there but it is ever so subtle.

Talk about longevity. I can still smell this on my skin hours & hours after applying.

This really is the perfect summertime body moisturiser. The fragrance reminds me of sweet afternoon tea parties filled with laughter, iced tea & pretty dresses.

Not warm in your neck of the woods? Fear not. This pot of deliciousness will get you through that drab cold winter if you apply after a shower, pop on your warmest jim jams and fall into a sweet lychee slumber. Ah true bliss.

You can get your mitts on this product from:

Haus of Gloi: www.hausofgloi.com – $4.50 2oz, $10.00 6oz

This product was purchased for review.