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So here we are, volume 5.

I’m not even 1/2 way through and i am seriously starting to feel little pangs of regret for doing this.

I’m still getting that buzz when i finish something & a nice sense of accomplishment but i just feel as though i’m getting to a point where i’m just throwing out the same old posts. It feel like there is no light at then end of the tunnel.

I guess i need to start thinking of these as perhaps little mini reviews and not so much as here’s a bunch of stuff i just finished.

So until i can get back to buying things (clearly the point on why i started this!!! *slaps ones self in ones forehead.), please bare with me. Don’t run away, i promise i’ll dig myself out of this hole i feel i’ve gotten myself into. God i sound like a whining cranky pants.

Project 100 Pan

41 – Elnet Satin Extra Strength Shine Protection for Colored Hair Hair Spray – Ah such a favourite of mine. As i said last time its pretty much a staple in my bathroom & has been for years & years. Never sticky, gluey or leaves those annoying little beads or webs of spray. Easy to brush out with no build up & is generally on sale when i need to replace.

42 – Endota Spa River Salt & Desert Lime Shower Gel Um how do i say this. Ok i’ll just come out with it. “where is the freaking fragrance?”! I was expecting at least a little zing from the lime but got zip. It smells like nothing really. Yep i was a smidge bit disappointed with this one.

Its not too flash at foaming up either. We went through this quite quickly too. Even when applying it to a shower puff it still didn’t really create a lot of foam or suds.

Meh, bin.

43 – Cutex Strengthening Nail Polish Remover – Confession time. I love the smell of nail polish remover. Well actually anything that is strong like textas, petrol, methylated sprits, etc, etc. I know i know its really bad for you but i don’t care i love them. This polish remover is actually really effective & has a “nice” fragrance to it. Its kind of florally or rosy really.

44 – Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in Ivory Beige – This is my “work face” and has been for a while now. I love that i can apply it at 7am and it still looks pretty good at 7pm. Before I started my Oratane treatment my skin color was a little darker than it is now so towards the end of this bottle i had to apply a primer that was a fair few shades lighter to counteract the fact that this became a few shades to dark for me. Easy & effective solution.

I love that is goes on like a dream and that i can build up the coverage or apply a light application dependent on how i’m feeling about my skin or what i’m doing that day. The foundation longevity is just ridiculous and never strays, fades or just simply disappears. I have since replace this with another double wear but in a few shades lighter.

The only bone i have this this product is the fact that it has no pump. Seriously guys add a freaking pump.

45 – Clarins Loose Powder 01 Transparent – This is a great no fuss powder. It comes in a 30 gram pot which lasted me quite some time. It’s nice and fine and never clumped or became cakey. It has a nice light fragrance that kind of smells like their sunshine (Eau Ensoleillante) fragrance. It gives a really lovely matte effect on the skin and has a good excess oil absorbing factor. I would and probably will buy again when i finish out what i have in stock. Oh and it comes with a neat little “sifter” insert that helps minimise loading up your brush with too much powder too. Nifty.

46 – Benefit They’re Real Mascara – Wow, Benefit certainly hit the mark with this mascara. It would have to be one of the best mascaras i have ever had. It lengthens, it adds volume and makes my lashes look fabulous. I love the brush it has. It can get right into my lash roots and the end is tapered enough to get right onto the outer edges of them too. It never flaked or ended up in places it shouldn’t have been. When i finish the other 15 mascaras i have i will be getting back on this stat. Love it.

47 – Models Prefer Eye Primer – Oh i struck gold here. I grabbed this on a whim when my beloved Kat Von D eye primer up and went and run out on me. It has a great twist up applicator that makes it easy to dispenses the correct amount.  Creates a nice smooth, even base. Never creased or disappeared & was really simple to apply. Pretty impressive actually.

48 – Soap & Glory – The Righteous Butter – I’m going to go all out here & say this is one of my all time favourite body products. It’s the fragrance that gets me every single time. I just love it. It has it all, florally, zingy & fresh. If you have ever thought in grabbing one but hesitated, i implore you to give it a go. Its like smooth velvet on your skin & ever so softening. Pure bliss. It was my winter skin’s saviour.

49 – Antipodes – Juliet Skin Brightening Gel Cleanser – This is a great cleanser. It smells sublime, like spiced apples. Is a low foam cleanser that never felt drying or made my skin tight. Rinses really well & made my skin feel really fresh & cleansed. It only has a 6 month shelf life but when using this morning & night you would get though it just in time. *note; this was only uses as a skin cleanser, i used a cleansing oil to remover make up first if i had had it on that day. 

Days since last purchase: 179

Product tally: 49

Money tally: $98

Anything here you have in your stash? Anything here you want to try for yourself?