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Yep so i thought i’d start a new series of posts here on The Beauty Dispensary that i’m going to call “Counter Intelligence”. Yeah i know another one but i promise these ones will be fun.

I’ll try to give you a bit of an insight on what its like to be on the other side of the counter and perhaps some of the more hilarious or atrocious stories i have. (I haven’t decided yet if i want to go that far into it, some are pretty shocking like the boxing day sale morning a lady spat at me because she wasn’t getting served fast enough. Told you, shocking!)

Over the years i have heard it all. Both in my career as a Beauty Therapist and Day Spa Manager and working on variety of cosmetic counters. There isn’t much i haven’t been told or asked. No question is a stupid question but some of the “arguments‘ differences in opinions i have had with customers are down right silly sometimes.

I used to really hate coming home from work, watching a current affairs show (i call them scare tactic shows) then seeing something about an ingredient or product knowing i had to go into work the next day and have a billion people coming in saying “does this product contain SLS?”. When i would ask them if they knew what SLS was or stood for i would be meet with blank stares! Yeah lady i saw the show too. Funny how the previous 354 days no one ever asked me such questions. I’m only using SLS as reference here. I’m not debating to pros & cons of this ingredient.

*Note: SLS is Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, not to be confused with Soduim Laureth Sulphate, oh perhaps that’s for another post.

There are so many silly or down right stupid thing’s woman are told to make them buy products or buy into the hype. I just wanted to perhaps shed some light on some beauty myths that sometimes make me roll my eyes back into my head and never want to make them roll back again.

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ok heres one of my biggest beauty misconception:

Pores open and close

The easiest and quickiest way to say this is BULLSHIT!. They DO NOT open and close. They do not have little muscles attached to them which contract or constrict. You cannot shrink or change the size of your pores nor can you use anything that will open them or close them.

You can soften your skin to help anything trapped in them easier to dislodge but basically you are born with this size and thats that.

Anyone that says to you “this will open your pores or you need to use you to close your pores” is lying to you. Lies

Your skin gets use to a product/s and stops working.

Really, ah no. I had a trainer that once said something to me that stuck like glue. She asked if anyone ate carrots, we replied well yes & she said well you could eat them ever single day and you would still get a nutritional value from them. Its not like one day your body decides you have eaten your quoter of carrots and it stops converting them to energy.

See what she was trying to get across was that it takes generally 28 days for a main cell to create a skin cell and for that skin cell to work its way from the bottom layers of the skin to the surface and come off. Your skin cant possible become used to the product as you are constantly creating new skin cells.

There are a few contributing factors take could change your perception of your skin like stress, hormones, menopause, poor lifestyle choices, illness & my old favourite totally unrealistic expectations. I wouldn’t go pointing a fatty finger at your beauty products so quickly.

A cream, lotion or serum will get rid of cellulite.

This is a big fat pet peeve of mine. Nothing in the world will make cellulite disappear or melt away (except perhaps lyposuction but still that does not come with a 100% guarantee).

There is nothing that has been made, discovered or created in the beauty industry that can penetrate from your epidermis (top layer of the skin), down through to your hypodermis or subcutaneous layer to simply melt fat away.

If it did it would & could only be prescribed by a medical professional as it would go beyond the blood-brain barrier (BBB) & would be deemed by the TGA as a medicine or drug.

Some of the products available are filled with hyluronic acid which flood the epidermis with hydration to give the illusion of a smoother feel or texture but these will soon wear off and you will still be left with cellulite.

So in short, picking up a tube from a beauty shelf is not going to do squat. Buyer beware.

This product will make that pigmentation on your skin fade to nothing.

I swear to Maynard James Keenan if a sales assistant ever says this to your face run for the hills.

Nothing that is sold in a department store, drug store (chemist/pharmacy) or shop is going to make that sun damage or hormonal pigmentation go forever. If it did i would be extremely scared of it and the damage it could/would do.

Nothing that comes in a bottle or tube will make it magically disappear forever but it can help reduce or fade it.

There has been some fantastic advancements and new technology to come through in skin care products that particularly deal with all forms of discoloration and pigmentation but like everything out there you nee to shop around for these types of products.

Over time these specific and targeted skin care products can help fade or minimise the appearance but if you have very dark pigmentation then you have to be a little realistic with the expectations you have.

HydrationΒ & Moisturisation are the same thing.

Firstly “hydration” & Moisturisation” are two completely different things and should be treated as such.

Hydration comes from water & moisturisation comes from oil its really that clean cut and simple.

See hydrating ingredients are there to put more water into the skin. They help plump up your skin and skin cells.

Moisturisating ingredients are there to give a protective layer to the skin to help combat TEWL (trans epidermal water loss) and help seal in any hydrating or serum or lotion type product.

See you don’t drink a huge cool glass of oil now when you are thirsty right? Nope didn’t think so.

Ok i think that enough. I have more things that make me want to crack skulls but i think I’m sounding like a bit of a preachy mole so i’m going to stop there.

Do you agree with any of these? Do you disagree with any of these? Do you think i’m totally wrong on anything here? Got a question about anything?