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This marks the half way mark. Yahoo, half way. There is a very soft slight glow of light at the end of the tunnel and i’m running like a mad woman towards it.

Phew, thank Maynard James Keenan as i nearly thought i was going to pack it in there for a few days!

So lets move on to the 6th instalment & see what i’ve managed to finish.

Project 100 Pan Volume 6

50 – Jill Stuart Cotton – These would have to be the prettiest little box of cotton i have ever had. There are 80 sweet girly pink colored little cotton pillows in a box. They are very sturdy and hold together quite well. They are soft and smooth which can be hard to find in cotton puffs. They are around 525 yen (5.30AUD) which i kind of guess is a wee bit expensive for a box of cotton but you know what, their pink, oh so freaking cute and japanese so you know its a given i love them.

51 – Cussons Pure Shower Cream Soothing With Aloe Vera – This for some reason smells nothing like you would think it should/would smells like. To us it smells like tea. Which i freaking love. Its really softening on my skin & feels really creamy. The consistency is thick and rich and i find it last a while too. Oh i got this from The Reject Shop. I find majority of our shower products there. They are generally around $3 to $5 each and a lot cheaper than the supermarkets. Plus you can find a load of things in there that would not necessarily be in your supermarket as they have loads of international products. Seriously take a look next time. You would be amazed what’s there.

52 – Paul Mitchell Color Care Color Protect Daily Shampoo – A great cleansing shampoo. Foams up well without feeling like its ripped every ounce of moisture from your hair. I cant really say this saved my color. I wash my fringe every day but only my whole head once or twice a week. My color still fades a little but i wasn’t expecting miracles & i didn’t get any either. Smells nice & fragrance lasts a while.

53 – Goldwell Duel Senses Extra Rich 60 Second Treatment – Oh wow this smells just delicious. Like a fruit medley. It has the consistency of a thick custard that really sticks to your hair with no drips or runs. My hair is always so manageable, knot free & silky smooth. Quite delicious.

54 – Julique Citrus Shower Gel – I think this is the last of my citrus stash. This is fabulous to use in the morning for a bit a wake up call. It has a great zingy, punchy fragrance and foams up pretty well. This bottle actually lasted quite sometime. I believe they now come with pumps instead of the flip tops.

55 – Schwarzkopf Ultimate Repair Anti-damage Mask – This surprisingly lasted me quite sometime. Im pretty heavy handed with hair products as my hair is ridiculously long (desperate for a cut) and thick like a horses tail. I kid you not, there is bloody tonnes of it. This helped keep it smooth & somewhat manageable. Smells really lovely and the fragrance lasted a while too. Really creamy so its easy to smooth on to your hair without majority ending up wasted on the shower floor.

56 – Haus of Gloi Trolika Pumpkin Butter – Wahhhhhhh the first of my stash of HoG products to run out. I’m seriously devastated. Any of you that know me personally know i’m batshit crazy about these pumpkin butters. I did a review of Trolika here and i still stand by everyting i said about it. Sniff Sniff, bye baby. *grabs a tissue & seeks solace in boyfriends arms.

57 – Daiso 107 Sheet Baby Wipes – Again terrific value for money. Really sturdy. Have the prefect amount of wetness to them. Stay moist the whole packet throughout & seem to last quite a while. I just wish they were scented. But i guess you cant have everything Madam M.

58 – Ahava Purifying Mud Mask – Wow i really don’t like this product. It burns, it stings, made my skin feel super tight & really uncomfortable. I used this a big fat 2 times before i started my acne treatment and really was not impressed by it at all & then when i statred my tablets there was no way I would have dreamed about putting on my face. Solution, i used it on my feet. No sense in waisting it hey. Works pretty well as a foot mask. So wont be buying it again. Ever.

59 – Norsca Anti-yellow Stains + Anti-white Marking Anti-perspirant Deodorant – Repurchased again. Such a gem for anyone that wears lots of white or light colored clothing. Pretty sure if i didn’t use this my white uniform would look hideous! Smells yummy & can last a whole work day to keep me smelly free.

Days since last purchase: 208

Product tally: 59

Money tally: $118

Are you as excited as i am that i only have to finish 41 products? Anything here you are using to? Anything here you want to try yourself?