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French Fancies
NOTE: i have now realised that typing under a set from polyvore looks crap ,doesn’t fit properly on the page & it all jumbled up together.
I don’t know how to fix it & this post look me over 3 hours to type. 
I debated in deleting it but you know what i’m just going to post it because well….. it took me ages.
Grin & bear it kids!
Since I’ve started this Project 100 Pan shenanigans i had a lot of time to take stock of what i have and its got me thinking.
We can travel the world without actually leaving our bathrooms or homes.
Pretty sweet concept hey. So i thought i would start to share with you some one my all time favourite french treats.
All of the above have graced through my life at one time or another. I have also been lucky enough to have worked for both Guerlain and Clarins too.
French cosmetics always seem to have the most luxurious of packaging and generally exude some form of romantic dream behind them.
O’loccitane – If they hadn’t have discontinued my cleansing oil i would probably have a lot more of their products in my house. I’m still sulking over that. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with lavender products but & I’ve heard nothing but fabulous things about their lavender range so you just never know. I may let them back in the house. Maybe.
Guerlain – I was given a pot of Meteorite perles years and years and years (lets say i was in late high school) ago. I truly didn’t at the time appreciate them and would use them every now and then. Then gasp, i lost them.
Fast forward *cough* a few years later & i am kicking myself.
These babes seriously sell themselves.
I waited weeks and weeks for Guerlain’s La Petite Robe Noir to be released here. I watched reports from all over the world of clever marketing campaigns. Leggy women in huge hats and black dresses parading along the streets of Paris and New York.
Huge billboard and transport ads, the cutest television adverts ever.
It arrived here and bang… nothing. Spew. I expected much much more for us than what i had seen. Oh well. Even with no advertising here is it a delightful and playful fragrance.
YSL – Their Paris fragrance reminds me of my late teens/early twenties. I would seriously drown myself in this. It reminds me of house parties, dancing, being a tard with my girlfriends and going out to bars & pubs to watch my friends in their various bands. God they were good time. I get so nostalgic when i pop over to their counter and spray this on my wrist. All those fantastic memories just come flooding back. Their Touche Eclat also saved me from some horrid late night “i look like i’m dead” morning face. Oh i think i have one stashed in my room somewhere…….*runs to rummage*
Dior – Oh who hasn’t held one of these in their pretty little hand and though “what a masterpiece”. I was a little cuckoo for dior lipsticks until the last few i purchased bleed horribly on me and i haven’t repurchased one in a good 4 or 5 years! Perhaps worth investigating again.
Clarins – Dynamisante. Hee hee hee one of my favourite things at work was listening to people try and pronounce it with a faux french accent. Some of the variations were freaking hilarious. Its pronounced for those who may not be too sure as dee-nam-i-sont. This fragrance has been around for a long time and still today i find it to be quite fresh and clean. Its a real pick me up.
Lancome – Ah lancome. Lancome was one of the first “proper” skincare brand i started using. I felt ever so grown up at the ripe old age of around 14 or 15.  One of my high school besties parents owned a pharmacy and her mum would gift me all sorts of delicious & delectable treats all the time and introduced me to loads and loads of new exciting international brands. Their tonique radiance was my fav toner for years & years and Tresor was the fragrance i wore for my debutante ball.  Moving forward and i really love their doll eyes mascara. Yes yes yes their bi-facil is stunning too.
Bourjois – Ah these little pots of joy have been quite a staple for me. I think i purchased my first in blush in high school and was absolutely in love. Then for some unknown reason (anyone?) they disappeared from australian shelves. Then fast forward a few years later and they were back with a vengeance. My all time favs are probably 92 santal & 54 rose frisson. My heart always skips a beat when they release the limited edition pieces too. So cute & pretty. Oh and their mascaras are pretty fabulous also.
Chanel – Every year for my mothers birthday i gift her the same Chanel products. No5 body mist & No5 soap. I ask every year if she would like to try something new and i am always meet with “no thank you, i like these just fine”. Crazy lady. This all stems from years of guilt for the fact that when i was about 4 i tipped a whole bottle of my Mothers Chanel No5 down the bathroom sink. Sacrilege! I totally understand why she is so enamoured by their soap. Its truly delectable. Seriously delectable.
Bioderma – Yep that old chestnut. I joined the list of devotees late last year. I’m nearly through my first bottle. I havent yet decided on if i will purchase another as i love my cleansing oils more. I can see though why so many people just love this product.
Diptyque – Ah one of the most expensive candles i’ve ever bought! I was having a crap day and they had just started selling them at Mecca. I was floored by their complexed scent so i snapped one up. They do last for ages but gone are the day of me dropping more than $40 on a candle (tight arse in this category). These do make special gifts for special people though.
Caudalie – I was in love a few years ago with one of their vinotherapie body washes. Then they discontinued it. Boo hiss. I hear constantly how life changing their beauty elixir is yet i STILL havent tried it. AAARRRGGGHHH hurry up P100P.
Have any of these graced your life? Anything here takes your fancy?