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When my little part timer at work went on an overseas trip the first question was can i give you a shopping list!

Lucky for me she said yes & was heading to a few Sephora stores so my shopping list was packed with all her things! Bless her little cotton socks.

Sephora Eye Makeup Removing Pads

Sephora Say: 

What it is:
Pre-moistened pads that remove makeup while strengthening and moisturizing lashes.

What it does:
Ideal for travel, each pad effectively removes makeup and strengthens lashes—without leaving an oily film. Intensely moisturizing, its formula includes HydroSenn+, a natural ingredient proven to deliver immediate and long-lasting hydration more effectively than hyaluronic acid. It contains a lash-strengthening complex that’s rich in flavonoids and olive wood extracts.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Synthetic Fragrances
– Phthalates

What else you need to know:
HydroSenn+ is a plant-derived ingredient that leaves skin feeling soft and luxuriously comfortable.

Madam M Says:

These are some what disappointing. For a start they stink. They have a really strong chemical smell, almost bordering on smelling like nail polish remover.

The pads seem to be somewhat moist enough without being dry or too wet but the stick together & when you get to the bottom of the pot it can be a little tricky trying to pull one out at a time or 2 without a whole bunch coming out.

The pads are soft enough to use on your delicate eye area but the solution is just not effective enough to remove everything (Note: I don’t wear waterproof mascara).

Holding the pads on your eyes for longer than 30 seconds still does nothing to budge the eye makeup. You still need to actually wipe & rub off which can be irritating & down right annoying & time consuming.

I must add though that even though my eyes get irritated from rubbing i did not experience any stinging or irritation from the cleansing solution itself. The skin around eyes felt a little tight & dry but no stinging or burning.

I only requested these as i wanted something sturdy, light & useful for when I have short trips away rather than packing & taking bottles & pads but you know what…… i think from now on i’m just going to pack the whole kitchen sink to use, something i know is quick & reliable rather than ineffective & annoying to use.

I dont even want to finish the pot out. I may just chuck the remaining pads out but keep the jar. Oh maybe  could pre soak pads in eye makeup remover that works & take them away! Oh looks like im not just a pretty face after all (please don’t comment on that)

You can get your mitts on this product from:

www.sephora.com – $8.00 USD

This product was purchased for consideration